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National Assembly

LGB reacts to United Seychelles’ comments on situation at the mortuary |19 May 2021

The leader of government business (LGB) in the National Assembly, Hon. Bernard Georges, says he has taken note of the latest press release by United Seychelles in connection with bodies at the Seychelles Hospital mortuary.

Hon. Georges has condemned in the strongest possible terms the taking of the photographs and their dissemination in the social media.

“This action has put sensationalism ahead of the feelings of the families of those who had lost their loved ones and who were already mourning them. The lack of respect to our fellow citizens which the action has demonstrated must not recur,” says Hon. Georges in a communiqué.

The LGB has also condemned as “irresponsible” the use by United Seychelles of the incident for political gain.

“Loss of life and the challenges faced by the Public Health Authorities at this time are occasions to demonstrate support and empathy and not to seek political mileage. In that respect, the LGB supports the decision of the Speaker of the National Assembly not to convene a special sitting of the Assembly as requested by United Seychelles. Any suggestions for improvement of the situation which United Seychelles wishes to propose should be brought directly to the attention of the Public Health Authorities and not be the subject of debate before the Assembly where the issue will be further politicised. This would not be in the national interest,” says Hon. Georges.

The LGB commends the Public Health Authorities for its openness in addressing what is clearly a distressing situation, and for not charging the families of the bereaved extra for the storage of the bodies of their loved ones, but deprecates the proposal made by United Seychelles that funerals and burials be conducted by the local authorities in the absence of family members. “This shows a remarkable ignorance and disregard by the political party for the established culture of the population of Seychelles in that respect,” adds Hon. Georges.

“The Office of the LGB calls for unity of purpose by all the population at this time. This is not a moment for identifying problems in solutions proposed, but rather for finding solutions to common problems,” concludes Hon. Georges.


Press communiqué from the Office of the LGB in the National Assembly

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