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54 Covid-19 cases since April 18 |20 April 2021

The Ministry of Health has since the last update on April 18 detected 54 new cases of Covid-19, it was revealed yesterday.

A total of 51 persons who met the discharge criteria were also released from isolation yesterday.

The ministry is urging everyone to continue observing the different measures to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Members of the public are also being encouraged to download the ‘Contak’ application from the Google Playstore to keep track of places they visit and persons with whom they come into contact, to facilitate contact tracing.

Still, according to records held by the Ministry, 18,804 persons of the 30,223 who received the first dose of the Covishield vaccine had by yesterday also received the second jab. In total, 31,720 second doses of the Sinopharm vaccine have been administered, and 36,210 first doses since the commencement of the national immunisation campaign earlier this year, on January 10.

As such, 66,433 persons of the 70,000 target population have received the first dose of vaccines, representing 95 percent of the total population. If considered in terms of the percentage of the target population who have completed both doses, the total number of uptake stood at 50,524 yesterday, representing 72 percent of the target population.


Laura Pillay/Press release from the Ministry of Health

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