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President Ramkalawan meets representatives of the Seychelles Bible Society |03 March 2021

President Ramkalawan meets representatives of the Seychelles Bible Society

The representatives during their meeting with President Ramkalawan (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

Representatives of the Seychelles Bible Society paid a courtesy call on President Wavel Ramkalawan yesterday at State House.

The meeting was attended by Reverend Daniel Kallee, Pastor Eddie Payet and Pastor Abel Ntep.

After the meeting, Pastor Abel informed the press that the main objective of the meeting with the president was to discuss the society’s Bible House project.

“We wrote to the president regarding that matter and we are not only happy that he welcomed us to State House but also acted swiftly and reassured us of his personal involvement to support us in this project.”

Pastor Abel said that Seychelles needs to have a Bible House and in the conversation with the president, the representatives asked for a plot of land for the project to materialise.

“In our conversation, President Ramkalawan reassured us that he will continue with what had started already. Another point we talked about was the development in the sharing of the words of God in all strata of the society.”

What is a Bible House? Pastor Abel explained that a Bible House is where the Biblical Society will have a place to meet.

“In the past, we encountered some issues as we did not have any storage. We have the creole Bible printed, but we have no place to store them. Currently the Catholic Church is helping us with a storage place but it is not enough. We need a Bible House to have a storage, a library, a conference room among others. We do have projects to translate books for children and youth. This Bible House will be managed by the different denominations among the Christians based Faith in Seychelles. This is for sure our strength. All people have to be involved and our goal is that each household uses the words of God.”

“At the end of the meeting, we talked about where the country is at the moment and how the words of God can be used to manage the country,” concluded Pastor Abel.


Vidya Gappy

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