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National Assembly

Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly extends support for new Covid-19 measures |05 January 2021

Following Sunday’s announcement by President Wavel Ramkalawan and Public Health Commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon of new measures to be put in place up to January 13, 2021 in effort to curb the spread of Covid-19, the National Assembly’s Defence and Security Committee chaired by Hon. Clifford Andre is extending all its support to President Ramkalawan, Dr Gedeon, the defence forces, police force and the people of Seychelles during this new development of the pandemic which is a severe threat to the health and economy of the country.

The members of the committee would also like to share the pain and the anguish of the people of Seychelles now that Covid-19 is infecting our community and causing much alarm to the population.

In addition to supporting all measures being put in place or which may be necessary to be enforced should the need arise, the committee joins President Ramkalawan, the health commissioner and other authorities in pleading to the people of Seychelles to please take Covid-19 seriously, to abide by official instructions, which involve staying at home, avoiding large groups, wearing masks and hand sanitising regularly.

The committee further encourages workplaces to implement ‘work-at-home’ policies where applicable.

The Defence and Security Committee believes that it would suffice if everyone take their responsibility seriously to stop the chain of transmission, so that Seychelles and the lives of its people can return to normalcy the soonest and that the economy blossoms for the betterment of Seychelles.

Finally, the committee extends support to the defence forces and the police as we endeavour to look into any spending that will make the said tasks undertaken more manageable.

The committee is chaired by Hon. Clifford Andre, vice-chaired by Hon. François Adelaide, and has five ordinary members, namely; Hon. Sebastien Pillay, Hon. Sandy Arissol, Hon. Churchill Gill, Hon. Michel Roucou and Hon. Doyace Porice.


Press release from the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly

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