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WASTEA gifts in the real spirit of Christmas |23 December 2020

WASTEA gifts in the real spirit of Christmas

Mr and Mrs Dupouy in a souvenir photograph with the sisters during the handover ceremony (Photo: Contributed)

A Christmas with gifts under the tree is part of the excitement of the CHRISTMAS TRADITION.

Despite the economic difficulties WASTEA, the leader in waste management of Seychelles, has pledged its support and solidarity to the 42 orphans of our country and the sisters that take good care of them.

Ambassadors of a cause that gives out a message to the Seychelles. WASTEA’S director, Stephan Dupouy and his spouse, personally distributed the gifts to the sisters who care for the children.

A great deal of thought went into the choice of gifts as Mr Dupouy’s wife personally interacted with the children and sisters to understand what they would like under the tree this Christmas.

Each child and sister received a personal gift. There was also a donation to the establishment of milk, diapers, wipes to meet the needs of the children. Games for group activities were also part of the donation.

Mr and Mrs Dupouy have plans to set up a programme to group other goodwill ambassadors in the business community to address an outreach plan to help the many institutions and individuals in the future that are in need.

In uncertain moments we must all come together; the strong must help the weak and we should be especially attentive to our youth who are more easily influenced and can be easily misled.


Contributed by WASTEA/marketing

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