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National Assembly

National Assembly approves motion for better remuneration and incentives for sportsmen and athletes |04 July 2019

The National Assembly yesterday approved a motion calling for the government to put in place a system to reward athletes who have participated in high-level sports and who have been part of national teams, after their retirement.

The motion proposes that the system reward athletes based on their participation and sporting accomplishments and the type of sport they are engaged in.

Honourable Chantal Ghislain brought the motion before the assembly during last week’s session and debates on the motion continued throughout yesterday’s sessions of the assembly.

Numerous members of the assembly spoke at length about sports within Seychelles pronouncing their support for the motion.

Honourable Johan Loze proposed that a Trust Fund be established, to be funded both by the government and private sector, to show gratitude to athletes who have floated the Seychelles flag.

“Our country needs a pension for our impressive athletes and to recognise the value of our former athletes as they are an important resource for our community,” Honourable Loze asserted.

Similarly, several other members of the assembly supported the motion but made reference to the shortcomings within the sports industry in Seychelles. Honourable Wilbert Herminie expressed support for the motion but stated that there is some disparity between the attention and recognition given to athletes as compared to athletes with disabilities who have also made Seychelles proud on numerous occasions at international sporting events proposing that they should also be remunerated equitably.

Member for Bel Air, Honourable Norbert Loiseau, made reference to the poor condition of sporting facilities in Seychelles including the Roche Caiman swimming pool, Palais de Sport and other sporting venues around the country and asserted that more emphasis should be placed on developing sports in the local context. Honourable Loiseau further added that it is imperative that sportsmen are valued and recognised for all the hard work and dedication they put into their chosen sport.

Honourable Audrey Vidot, Honourable Churchill Gill and numerous others also pronounced themselves on the motion.

In concluding her motion, Honourable Ghislain stated that the motion applies to amateur sportsmen and athletes and that the time has come to unite and have an honest dialogue on the treatment of sportsmen.

“Our athletes are role-models…our athletes and the public need to understand that this is a dialogue that we all need to be part of for a more general dialogue on the matter. A suggestion is to dedicate a day to our sportsmen,” Honourable Ghislain noted.

The motion was approved unanimously by 22 members present.

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