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Yachting - Young sailor moves to France for training |20 August 2020

Yachting - Young sailor moves to France for training

Capt: Sailor Fabio Bertola Thevenon

Young local sailor Fabio Bertola Thevenon left the country last weekend to further his aspiration in the sports of sailing in France for the coming years.

Bertola travelled to France with his family where he hopes to join the sailing school of La Rochelle and training with them for the next three to five years in their sailing team where he hopes to further his knowledge in his beloved sports to raise his level.

Sports NATION spoke to Fabio’s mum Stephanie who is accompanying him on this expedition and she said that it was her son’s desire to embark of this voyage of discovery and the family decided to support his choice.

“He (Fabio) asked for this and we agreed as we believed that travelling and discovering new mentality and different cultures would be a good opportunity for him in his development in this sport and he is surely looking forward for this possibility to spend more time in different kinds of oceans such as the Atlantic and on different kinds of boats,” Fabio’s mentor and mum explained to Sports NATION.

However, Bertola is expected to visit the country occasionally where he hopes to compete in local competitions and her mum was full of gratitude for the assistance the Seychelles sailing scheme has done to help his son who has been in the sport for four years.

The 16-year-old Bertola was part of Team Seychelles that took part in the African Optimist championship last August which was hosted by the local association and with the added experience he will gain in France, he may represent the country in more international competitions in the future and Sports NATION would like to wish Fabio and his family all the best in this new adventure.






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