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Flying iron sheet from food van injures three Mont Fleuri secondary students |22 July 2020

Three students of the Mont Fleuri secondary school – a girl and two boys – were injured in the school’s compound yesterday afternoon after being hit by a flying corrugated iron sheet blown away from the top of a food van.

The students were queuing to buy food from the van.

One of the boys who was pinned down under the sheet suffered serious injuries including large cuts to his face, neck and back which required several stitches, a CT scan and he has been admitted to hospital.

The two other students suffered minor injuries and they remained under observation for sometime after their dressing before being released.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION late yesterday evening after visiting the student admitted to hospital, Mont Fleuri secondary school head teacher Marc Arrisol said “it is a sad and regrettable incident which took everybody by surprise.”

He said the gust of wind which was not normal came suddenly and all the children in queue panicked, but luckily there have been few injuries.

Meanwhile, Mr Arrisol said the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development has suspended the van’s operations while they carry out an investigation into the unfortunate incident.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

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