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National Assembly

National Assembly approves two motions |16 July 2020

In its sitting which lasted only half day yesterday, the National Assembly debated and approved two motions tabled by the leader of government business, Charles de Commarmond.

The first motion resolved the Assembly to authorise the accession of the Republic of Seychelles to the Protocol on Patents and Industrial Designs within the Framework of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (Aripo).

In his presentation Mr de Commarmond said Aripo, an intergovernmental organisation set up in Lusaka, Zambia in 1976, currently has 19 members and its mission is to facilitate cooperation between member states and coordinate meetings to discuss members’ concerns which are related to intellectual property. It also helps draft intellectual property laws and regulations in the African region in line with practices accepted by the region. The organisation also provides different forms of help to member countries, namely technological development and capacity building for its offices in those countries.

Among the benefits of Seychelles being a party to such an organisation, Mr de Commarmond said it would ease protection of intellectual property rights, promote the exchange of ideas and experience as well as implement innovative research ideas among others.

Mr de Commarmond also tabled a motion resolving the Assembly to authorise the accession of the Republic of Seychelles to the Convention on the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Relating to International Civil Aviation (Beijing Convention).

Assembly members from both parties highlighted the benefits of both conventions for Seychelles before giving their approval.

The National Assembly will reconvene on Tuesday July 21.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

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