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COVID-19 in Seychelles |30 June 2020

70 confirmed cases


  • Tests of French, Filipino and Emirati return negative


The public health laboratory confirmed on Sunday that repeat PCR tests for COVID-19 conducted on the French, Filipino and Emirati, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday morning, returned negative for all three persons.

The Filipino and Emirati were already in home quarantine in Seychelles while the French lady was tested prior to flying back home after spending over three months in Seychelles.

Meanwhile, the number of active cases in Seychelles now stands at 70, and these are all from the group of 197 West African seafarers who recently arrived into the country for crew change on Spanish fishing vessels.

The 70 infected persons have been isolated on their vessels which are in a quarantine zone outside Port Victoria.

Public health commissioner, Dr Jude Gedeon, stated that the health authorities have completed the PCR tests on all 197 seafarers.

There are three companies involved in this matter and they are represented locally by Hunt Deltel and Seaward, both of which are said to be cooperating with the health department.

The health authorities have also met with and briefed the agencies working at the ports, Seychelles Coast Guard, Seychelles Marine Safety Authority (SMSA), Seychelles Ports Authority, Seychelles Fisheries Authority (SFA) and the departments of civil aviation, ports and marine.

“Our objective is to ensure that this situation is contained rather than worsens,” Dr Gedeon said in a press conference Saturday.

Dr Gedeon stated that, this time around, the country may not have to immediately resume restrictions but highlighted that people must use the safeguards of social distancing, face masks and good hygiene.

“Right now, the only restriction that remains in force is large gatherings. If we do record several more cases however, we will have to put further restrictions in place which might include limitations on inter island trips as well as restrictions on bars, casinos and other places where people tend to congregate, since these can increase the risks of transmissions,” Dr Gedeon explained.

Chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange, noted that there are presently 94 people in quarantine at the Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay facility, 29 on South East Island (Il-di-Swet) and several others at the Coast Guard facility at Perseverance.


Compiled by Elsie Pointe


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