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Nurses May Malcouzane and Winifred Agricole honoured for their 45 years of service |08 April 2020

Nurses May Malcouzane and Winifred Agricole honoured for their 45 years of service

Mrs Malcouzane (left) and Mrs Agricole in a souvenir photograph with President Faure (Photo: Jude Morel)

Nurses May Malcouzane and Winifred Agricole were honoured yesterday morning by the Ministry of Health for their long years of service and devotion to the ministry.

They have both clocked 45 years of service. They were honoured for their accomplishment for so many years in caring for the health of the Seychellois people by the secretary of state for Health, Marie-Pierre Lloyd.

This was through a small ceremony held yesterday at the Red Roof Building, Seychelles Hospital to commemorate World Health Day (April 7) and Health Workers’ Day (see separate story).

Mrs Malcouzane is the nurse manager at the English River Clinic and Mrs Agricole is the Registrar of the Nurses and Midwives Council.

Speaking to the gathering on the balcony on the first floor of the Red Roof building, SS Lloyd commended the exceptional work done by Mrs Malcouzane and Mrs Agricole and said: “We salute and thank them on this great achievement and also through them, all those who responded to the call to take a career in health to assist our country and its people.”

SS Lloyd also thanked President Danny Faure, who was also present at the ceremony, to make ample time to join in the short celebration in commemoration of the World Health Day (April 7) and Health Workers’ Day and for honouring the  health workers and the two long-serving staff with his presence.

Mrs Malcouzane and Mrs Agricole also had the opportunity to interact with President Faure on their accomplishments and challenges during their long careers in the health sector.

They claimed that though with the many years spent in the health sector, they are not thinking of retiring yet as they still have a lot more to offer.

“Nursing is not about caring a patient next to you, it can be done in many ways. Even if I decide to retire, I can still work remotely and contribute through nursing in many other ways such as helping in drafting policies etc…which looking at it indirectly, I will still be contributing to the health sector. I will continue to contribute to nursing for as long as I am able,” Mrs Agricole said. She joined the profession straight from school in January 1975, at the age of eighteen years old.

“In my mind, I am not thinking about retirement. I would like to continue for as long as God allows me to serve in the profession that I have chosen to serve,” said 62-year-old Mrs Malcouzane, who also joined the nursing profession in January 1975. She said that she fell in love with the nursing profession since she was a child.

Both Mrs Malcouzane and Mrs Agricole said that though faced with many challenges, their nursing careers have been filled with satisfaction especially with regard to the many patients they have helped regain their health.

They hope that more young people would join the nursing profession and called on them to do so as other than gaining benefits from the available opportunities, they will also be helping to safeguard the health of our country.


Patrick Joubert

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