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‘Seychellois who died in Italy last week could have succumbed to COVID-19’ |07 April 2020

The husband of Maria-Greta Moustache-Barzi, the Seychellois who passed away of unknown causes in Italy last week, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Giuseppe Barzi was tested positive for the virus on Sunday and was admitted to a hospital in Milan, Italy, giving much stoke to the idea that Greta might have contracted the virus and died from it.

Giuseppe is said to be extremely vulnerable to the virus due to his age and the fact that he undertook a bypass surgery.

To recall, the Moustache family in Seychelles explained to local media last week that their sister’s body was not autopsied nor tested for COVID-19, even though she was a nurse practitioner.

This was because the hospitals in Italy were, and still are, overwhelmed and congested from the huge number of COVID-19 patients.

“Giuseppe’s positive diagnosis makes us believe that our sister might have had the virus. A friend living in Rome, who was also one of the last persons to speak to Greta, said that Greta complained that she felt weak and tired. This gives further confirmation that she might have died of the virus,” Virginia Moustache, one of Greta’s sisters, stated.

If she had undergone an autopsy and been confirmed as COVID-19 positive, Greta would have been the first known Seychellois to die of the virus.

As of yesterday afternoon, Italy had recorded a total of 128, 948 confirmed cases and 15,887 deaths – figures that could potentially be more if there are similar silent cases like Greta’s.


Elsie Pointe


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