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New organic tea hits the local market |03 April 2020

New organic tea hits the local market

With COVID-19 causing a public health stir across the globe, many have sought ways to practice healthier habits and provide a boost to their immune systems, either through consumption of healthier produce, physical exercise or both.

Well-known and established retailer and importer, Chaka Brothers, has introduced the Tulsi Organic tea to the local market, a range of product by ‘Organic India’.

What sets the Organic India Tulsi tea apart from other brands is the fact that it is certified as 100% organic. The tea is said to boost up the immunity system, and has stress relaxing and refreshing qualities.

Tulsi is an Aryuvedic herb widely used in therapeutic herbal teas, tisanes and tea blends, and are sometimes referred to as holy basil, tulasi, ‘elixir of life’ or ‘queen of herbs’. Native to India and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia and Africa, the herb is not new in Seychelles since the plant can be spotted in many gardens and goes by the name of ‘tok marya’.

The herb is reputed for its health benefits such as helping to relieve coughs and colds, relieving headaches and fever as well as reducing stress, among some other benefits.

Organic India’s Tulsi tea range is available in twelve different flavours: original, ginger, green tea, masala chai, pomegranate, jasmine, lemon ginger, ginger turmeric, honey chamomile, mulethi, sweet lemon and sweet rose. At present, the flavours available at Chaka Brothers are chamomile, sweet lemon, ginger turmeric, masala chai, green tea-lemon and green-tea jasmine.

The tea comes in boxes of 25 sachets with prices currently set at R57 for chamomile, sweet lemon and ginger turmeric and R65 for the other flavours.

According to the chairman and managing director of Chaka Brothers, Gafoor Yakub, Chaka Brothers is the first to take the initiative to outsource this organic tea from India and is probably the only wholesaler and retailer importing and selling this item in large quantities at the moment.

We are planning to and we hope to supply the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) with this great product since they have an ‘organic foods’ corner at the Bois de Rose hypermarket which is well located with proper parking facilities for customers,” Mr Yakub added.

He further noted his disappointment in various Indian merchants and retailers operating in Seychelles who have gone out of their way to ‘copy’ Chaka Brothers, going as far as to smear the reputation of his Chaka family’s 55-year-old business. Mr Yakub stated that he hopes this does not repeat itself with Chaka Brothers’ introduction of Organic India in Seychelles.

Located in a landmark building in Victoria, Chaka Brothers has been in operation since 1965 and this year marks its 55th anniversary. The building itself and its pillars date back to 1920, which means the Chaka building is 100 years old.

The claims made in this article are those of Mr Yakub and not Seychelles NATION’s.

By:Elsie Pointe

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