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COVID-19 - Sixth death, 161 cases in Mauritius |02 April 2020

  • Supermarkets and shops reopen under strict rules


The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) made a sixth victim on Wednesday night in Mauritius. A 20-year-old lady, who apparently got infected in a supermarket in Rose-Belle, passed away at the New Souillac Hospital.

This health centre in the south of the country is where all patients hit by COVID-19 are sent for treatment. The latest death case – the fifth since the outbreak of the pandemic in Mauritius – returned from France two weeks ago and later showed symptoms of the illness. It is also reported that the wife of this fifth victim has also tested positive for COVID-19.

The total number of patients hit by this illness in Mauritius now stands at 161 and many cases are being detected by a thorough ‘contact tracing’ process.

In regards to aid to more vulnerable groups, food packs are being currently distributed to all those benefiting from a ‘Carer’s Allowance’. Up to now, more than 22,000 food packs with basic necessities have been handed to these most hardship cases. A total of 35,000 packs are expected to be distributed in the coming days.

It has also been announced that special courses to primary and secondary pupils will be given on television on four dedicated television channels on the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and online with the help of a learning portal as from Monday April 6. All educational institutions being closed since weeks now, there is an urgency to provide students with a platform for them to pursue their respective curriculum.


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