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64-year-old female visitor tests negative for coronavirus |29 February 2020

  • Two Seychellois in quarantine

A 64-year-old female visitor who was on Thursday admitted at the isolation centre at Anse Royale after presenting with respiratory symptoms, has tested negative for coronavirus or COVID-19.

The patient is being assessed and will be discharged, the Public Health Authority (PHA) confirmed in a press communiqué late yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, two Seychellois nationals who arrived in the country from Italy on Thursday and yesterday have been placed in quarantine for 14 days at Ile Persévérance.

It was on Thursday evening that the PHA announced that the rapid response team of the department of health was attending to a notification about a visitor with respiratory symptoms requiring hospital admission and was being transferred to the designated isolation centre at Anse Royale for further testing, care and follow-up.

Early yesterday morning, public health commissioner Dr Jude Gedeon flanked by Dr Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency (HCA) and Dr Meggy Louange, director general for public health, informed the Seychellois public through a live press conference that it was late Thursday afternoon that the woman staying at a hotel establishment informed the personnel there that she was not feeling well and presented respiratory symptoms and the medical team rushed there to examine and transport her to the isolation centre. The woman and her husband who are from Spain arrived in the country on February 20, 2020.

Dr Gedeon explained that even though cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Spain it was not listed as a country with an active community transmission, therefore unlike Italy no entry restriction on visitors from that destination has been imposed.

“But as the world and Seychelles as well is on the highest level of alert, we decided to be prudent and admitted her in isolation for further tests,” Dr Gedeon explained.

He reminded the public that travel restrictions are in force to countries like South Korea, Iran and Italy.

Meanwhile, a Seychellois national who arrived on Thursday and another one who arrived yesterday morning from Italy where certain areas are affected by the virus, have been placed in quarantine at Persévérance. They are both well but will remain there as per the quarantine procedure of 14 days.

“There is no need for people to worry and panic as we are well prepared to deal with such cases and situations when and if they arise,” Dr Gedeon reassured the public. He further noted that when such a case comes to light the rapid response team of the department of health not only tend to the care and treatment of the person but also carry out a lot of ground work to trace all the people he or she has been exposed to.

Dr Gedeon also said they are also checking all cruise ship entries as well. In relation to the cruise ship which came from South East Asia and which was last week refused entry here, Dr Danny Louange said this was a precautionary measure due to the fact that it came from an affected zone.

Dr Gedeon has once again advised people to adopt practices that will protect them from infections as well as postpone travelling to any affected countries.

Dr Danny Louange informed the public that even though the Anse Royale health centre was reserved for isolation purposes it was still being used for outpatient, emergency, 24-hour services among others. He said now all these services will be moved to other locations and details of these will be announced in due course but they are at present gradually reducing outpatient services at the centre, transferring some to Anse Aux Pins and other neighbouring health centres.

He further noted that patient doctor consultations will as from Monday expected to be held at the Anse Royale district administration office until a new centre, being refurbished at the Anse Royale NSC Hall will be ready.

The HCA chief executive has called on the public for its cooperation and understanding.


Marie Anne Lepathy




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