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Blood donation saves lives |25 February 2020

Blood is the most precious gift that one person can give to another. Donated blood is used for several reasons. It is used for transfusions during surgeries, for women who have complications during pregnancies and for people who have suffered severe trauma in accidents.

A constant supply of donated blood is needed to ensure that blood is available whenever there is a need for it, therefore regular blood donation is a must.

Blood donations can be done at the blood transfusion centre of the Seychelles Hospital. The centre is open on week days from 8am to 4pm. All blood donations are screened for infections prior to use. Some of the infections are HIV, hepatitis C and B and syphilis. This is also beneficial for the person donating blood as it helps identify infections and for them to get treatment and follow-up.

Individuals are encouraged to become regular blood donors. Blood cannot be stored indefinitely, meaning there is always a need for donations.

To learn more about becoming a regular blood donor, call the blood transfusion centre on 4388341.



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