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Athletics: 13th Eco-friendly marathon |24 February 2020

Geno Belle, Eva Kollertova winners


After finishing in third position behind Matheus Kadhingula and Jackson Ndegwa last year, Seychellois athlete Geno Belle has this year stepped on the highest step of the medals podium of the 13th Eco-friendly marathon which took place yesterday.

The annual event featured four different races, namely the marathon (42.2km), half-marathon (21.1km), 10km and 5km which started and ended at Beau Vallon.

Belle clocked 3 hours, 05 minutes and 20 seconds (3h05:20) to finish ahead of Peter Stanstilass who was second in 3h30:07. Henrick Jaensson finished third overall in 3h37:37.

In the women’s category, Eva Kollertova completed the 42.2km race in 4h47:57 to finish first ahead of Corine Rasaonanteniana who was second in 5h09:08. Florise Ernesta finished third overall in 5h25:23.

In the 21km half-marathon for men, Iven Moïse came out first in 1h17:27, ahead of George James who was second in 1h23:00. Simon Labiche was third overall in 1h31:41.

In the women’s race, Cristina Aaro finished first in 1h49:46, ahead of runner-up Janne Holstein Pehrson who clocked 1h58:22. Pina Grandcourt was third overall in 2h13:14.

The following are the top five finishers in the marathon and half-marathon:

Men’s 42.2km marathon

  1. Geno Belle –3h05:20
  2. Peter Stanstilass – 3h30:07
  3. Henrick Jaensson – 3h37:37
  4. Samuel Vidot – 3h49:47
  5. Gerald Jomaro – 3h53:57

Women’s 42.2km marathon

  1. Eva Kollertova – 4h47:57
  2. Corine Rasaonanteniana – 5h09:08
  3. Florise Ernesta – 5h25:23
  4. Alexandra Puhl – 5h31:50
  5. Kaylee Smith – 5h41:51

Men’s 21.1km half-marathon

  1. Iven Moïse – 1h17:27
  2. George James – 1h23:00
  3. Simon Labiche – 1h31:41
  4. Andrew Florentine – 1h39:57
  5. Rupial Magar – 1h46:40

Women’s 21.1km half-marathon

  1. Cristina Aaro – 1h49:46
  2. Janne Holstein Pehrson – 1h58:22
  3. Pina Grandcourt – 2h13:14
  4. Lenka Dvorska – 2h14:07
  5. Shanah Jouaneau – 2h14:48


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