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Japanese acupuncture clinic opens in Seychelles |24 January 2020

Japanese acupuncture clinic opens in Seychelles

Atsushi Suzuki, doctor of acupuncture

Atsushi Medical Boardwalk, a new clinic from Japan, officially opened its doors earlier this week to offer its services to members of the local population.

Atsushi Suzuki, doctor of acupuncture and owner of the clinic, told Seychelles NATION that among the services being offered are a Japanese-style acupuncture treatment, medical massage, beauty acupuncture, sports therapy, as well as training and conditioning.

Following is the interview with Atsushi Suzuki, explaining the services being offered at the clinic and their associated health benefits.

Seychelles NATION: Tell us how you came to be a doctor of acupuncture.

Atsushi Suzuki: I am an athlete; I played baseball for 13 years. I worked as a medical trainer at a gym in Japan and also as an assistant trainer for a Japanese professional basketball team. 

The main reason why I decided to become a doctor of acupuncture was when I had a major injury from playing baseball. After going through different types of medical care, acupuncture treatment was the most effective for me and I decided to gain deeper knowledge in this field. 


Seychelles NATION: Who are your services recommended for and what are the health benefits associated with them? 

Atsushi Suzuki: It is for everyone; every age and both genders. I also offer baby acupuncture treatment. 

Acupuncture treatment

I will check your body and find out the cause of your symptoms by using Western and Oriental techniques. I only use disposable acupuncture needles, thus it is very safe and hygienic. People imagine acupuncture needles are like medical injections, however, acupuncture needles are actually very small and thin. 

It's traditionally believed among Orientals that the human body has 361 acupuncture points (acu points). Acu points relate to internal organs, nerves, muscles and autonomic nerve systems.

Acupuncture has some of the following effects: anti-inflammatory, pain killer, effect to the autonomic systems and blood circulation.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1979 started acupuncture in treating 43 different diseases such as those of the upper respiratory tract, respiratory, eye, oral disease, digestive system, as well as illnesses of the nerves, muscles and bones.

I have no doubt that I can help you get better with my treatment.

Beauty acupuncture

This treatment is for facial beauty treatment. Facial acupuncture could be effective for spots, wrinkles, sagging and dark circles around the eyes. Your face will be smaller and you will look younger after facial acupuncture treatment.

Medical massage

This is a deep tissue massage which focuses on reducing inflammation, pain, stiffness, improving the nerves as well as flexibility. I treat the whole body with my hands together with specialised tools. When I finish my treatment, you will feel much better than before.

Training & conditioning

The training is a type of rehabilitation; we will work together on your functional improvement and also strengthen your physical performances. 

This can be helpful for example for athletes who need to do certain exercises following treatment for any pains, or for those that need to participate in sports competitions but have certain mobility problems.

Furthermore, you will learn how to prevent these symptoms recurring in the future.

For more information, visit or contact Atsushi Medical Boardwalk:

Location: No.35, 2nd Floor, Ste Claire Complex, Victoria

(Business Hours: Mon - Sat. 9:00 to 19:00 *18:30 last appointment. Sunday is appointment only. In-house treatment is available) 

Telephone: 2 501 348 (Call/Whatsapp)

Follow Facebook page and Instagram account: "Atsushi Medical Boardwalk"



Photo sources: Atsushi Suzuki

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