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National Assembly

Speaker Prea sends condolences on the passing of Brother David Denicourt |16 December 2019

The Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly of Seychelles extends heartfelt condolences to the Brothers of the Christian instruction, the Christian community of Seychelles and relatives of Brother David Denicourt on the latter’s passing away on December 11.

As an ex-student of the deceased from 1978 to 1982 where Brother Denicourt was both his headmaster and Maths teacher, Speaker Prea recognises the late Brother’s tremendous contribution to the Seychelles education system since he first came to the country in 1974.

“Departing this world at 92 years of age, Brother Denicourt also leaves a lasting legacy in the wealth of knowledge he has passed on to his many students. Noteworthy to say that the greatest pride of this very much respected, simple and most humble Man of God was to see his students excel and occupy good positions in the country,” notes Speaker Prea.

In conclusion, Speaker Prea also speaks on behalf of the late Brother Denicourt’s students in remembering and giving thanks for his contribution not just in the field of education but also to the Seychellois society.

“May he be entrusted in God’s care where he will find eternal repose,” Speaker Prea says in his message.

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