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Dr Tejal Shah talks about ‘homeopathic detox’ |14 December 2019

Dr Tejal Shah talks about ‘homeopathic detox’

Dr Shah facilitating the workshop on the theme ‘Pre-Season Detox’ (Photo: Joena Meme)

With the festive season coming along, many of us forget about our daily good habits and try to go overboard, forgetting our health. In order to keep ourselves on-track, on Saturday, Dr Tejal Shah, a homeopathic resident manager at Resonate Wellness at The Station at Sans Soucis, facilitated a workshop on the theme ‘Pre-Season Detox’.

This workshop was open to the public in general and it aimed as a first step to start experiencing the unlimited possibilities of wellness through detoxifying not only physically but on emotional and mental level also. Which in turn help someone to look after himself/herself.

Dr Shah explained that “our ‘homeopathic detox’ workshop has been designed to provide an understanding of yourself, your body-mind and the environment around. Styled in a participative and interactional manner, our workshop hopes to stimulate and provide the relevant information and experience for staying well, vibrant and healthy. Our approach to wellness is to enable you to look for prevention and thereby find the real cure for disease and anguish. We also hope that this workshop will activate you to get committed to making vital decisions about your wellbeing and thereby the health of your family and the environment. This starts with looking at ‘care’ and not ‘cure’”.

All participants received an information booklet, correct breathing techniques demonstration and nutritious detox refreshment.


Some reflections from Dr. Tejal Shah

“Think of this: It’s not your body but your vital healing force that is tired”


What is a technical ‘detox’?

Detox is a popular technical term to describe the natural process which helps to cleanse blood circulation and eliminate toxins from our body through the excretory organs namely the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic and skin.


How do we technically detox?

There are various detox programmes that help the body’s natural cleaning process such as resting the organs through fasting, stimulating the liver to drive toxins from the body, promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin, improving circulation of the blood and refuelling the body with healthy nutrients.


What is an ‘energetic’ detox and how does it differ from a ‘technical’ detox?

Quite simply we need to own our toxicity. We need to take responsibility for being toxic. We need to understand that toxicity exists at all levels of consciousness, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. There is no possibility to detox without addressing all of these levels.

Energetic detox shifts frequencies in the individual to eliminate toxicity from electromagnetic smog, granitic radiation, chemically tainted foods, fatty, unhealthy foods and many other sources. Energetic detox more importantly shifts stuck concepts developed over time from consistent negative, misguided thought patterns. The thoughts that we hold and the words that we repeatedly use create our life and experience. This being the case, we need to accept that what we think and feel right now impacts how we think and feel tomorrow, and the next day and the next and the next, and so on.

Critically, toxic thoughts – which we may at this stage not have control over – lead to toxic words and actions and result in illness and disease.

The good news is that it does not matter how long we have had negative thinking patterns resulting in an illness or a rotten relationship, a lack of finances or self-hatred, we can begin to make a change today through energetic detoxing.

Right now, bring your consciousness to accept that “The Point of Power is in the Present Moment”. This is a beautifully liberating thought. Right now let go of the old, commit to bringing in new concepts in your life and know that you are in charge of removing these toxic influences.


Symptoms of Toxicity

- Your body feels weaker than normal

- You’re experiencing aches all throughout your body

- You’ve grown increasingly angry, bitter, jealous or resentful

- Similar to depression you feel a deep sense of loneliness

- You find it hard trying to explain to others how you feel

- You just want to rest and lie down

- You’re often disorientated and feel lost in life

- You’ve grown hyper-sensitive to everything

- You’re starting to have mild panic attacks or chronic anxiety

- You’re in constant state of fear and uncertainty about your future

For more details about your health, you should direct your queries to Dr Shah at the Resonate Wellness at The Station at Sans Soucis.


Vidya Gappy



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