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Homeopathy – a natural treatment option readily available in Seychelles |25 November 2019

Homeopathy – a natural treatment option readily available in Seychelles

Dr Shah and Mrs Gilbert

While for the majority of people visiting a doctor for the slightest ailments like a cold, sore throat or fever is the most normal thing to do, there is a significant number of people who would opt for homeopathic remedies to treat these ailments as well as more serious and complicated ones.

Resonate Wellness, a centre situated at The Station at Sans Souci, is the oldest and only licensed Homeopathic health service in Seychelles providing a wide range of natural remedies in numerous forms for all types of conditions.

For more than 20 years The Station (ex-Feba Radio Station at Sans Souci) has been the pioneering spirit and advocate for energetic, natural healing in Seychelles. In this sanctuary Resonate operates alongside Seychelles’ oldest natural health and gift shop, Lily Moon, which is supplied directly from The Station’s on-site botanical manufacturing company Everglow. Dedicated to drug-free living and enhancing the Vital Healing Force, all products are carefully manufactured using precious raw materials from around the world to support the Complimentary, Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices that Resonate Wellness provides which include Homeopathy, Virtues Therapy and Reiki.

This week I had a chat with Resonate Wellness’ director/owner and homeopathic specialist and Reiki Master, Jenny Gilbert, as well as Homeopathic resident manager Dr Tejal Kishor Shah to have a greater insight into homeopathy as the best natural treatment option. I learnt about the role homeopathy plays in supporting our Vital Healing Force (VHF) and the impact it has on correcting and balancing the VHF to gently and safely facilitate real healing at multiple levels.

A homeopathic doctor practicing in Mumbai for the past 15 years, Dr Shah comes from a long line (20 in the family) of Allopathic Doctors. Being up close and personal with the conventional system of medicine, Dr Shah knew there had to be a better way to help patients to achieve cure rather than suppressing ailments. Much to the dissatisfaction and disdain of the family, Dr Shah embarked on her homeopathic journey, one which would ultimately bring her to Seychelles.

Working at Resonate Wellness since April this year, Dr Shah has been absolutely amazed at how many patients turn up at the centre to seek homeopathic treatment and remedies. It is especially gratifying to see 2nd and even 3rd generation patients/customers popping in to top up their supplies of remedies or skincare products. What has surprised Dr Shah is that this following has come directly from word-of-mouth as the centre has a strict non-advertising policy.

Speaking to her, Dr Shah said that while this is a wonderful policy which enables those in need to find Resonate Wellness when they are ready, it is also important to bring awareness to and educate as many people as possible on the great benefits of this natural healing process which is readily available in Seychelles. An affordable option with long-term positive treatment outcomes, homeopathy brings back balance and harmony to the entire organism. It is to be noted that a first consultation could last from one to three hours with follow-ups lasting anywhere between ½ hour to 1 hour depending on the case. First consultations start at R1150 and follow-ups start at R550. At present Dr Shah says she sees between three to five patients per day. Patients range from babies to old people with chronic ailments.    

Homeopathy is a system of medicine which honours the body’s power and ability to heal itself with the right information. Homeopaths use dynamic, potentized natural substances from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom to stimulate the healing process of the body through the body’s own Vital Healing Force.

Dr Shah remarked that while homeopathy is one of many traditional forms of CAM, she stresses that it should not be confused with herbal or ayurvedic medicines which are crude (material) in nature and can contain potentially harmful residues of heavy metals and other toxins.

“In contrast homeopathic remedies are very gentle healers with no side effects which can be safely taken also by infants and old persons. Contrary to the belief by many that treatment and healing by homeopathy is slow, this is not at all the case. It depends entirely on the skill of the homeopath to recognise the communication of the patient’s body, mind and spirit,” Dr Shah stated. “If we know exactly the type of ailments patients are coming with, we will know which remedies will help them. The effect of the remedies can be instantaneous especially in life-threatening situations. If the correct remedies are chosen, often the effects can be seen in as little as 10 – 15 minutes. It all depends or how acute or chronic the condition is,” Dr Shah explained.

Dr Shah says that homeopathy addresses the whole individual. While lifestyle, diet and environment play a vital role in the process of healing, homeopathy is incredibly powerful despite incorrect or damaging habits. Importantly homeopathy can subtly and quietly even steer an individual towards better habits.

“There is no conventional medicine which can help address the level of emotional sensitivity quite like homeopathy. We have thousands of homeopathic remedies to choose from in our practice. Every case is unique. As an example two eczema patients will most likely receive different remedies depending on their emotional sensitivity, life experiences and family environment.”

Dr Shah went on to detail how her practice has been hugely enhanced by the healing energy and passionate dedication to Vibrational Healing offered at The Station. Here she has had the opportunity to explore this dynamic energetic healing at a whole new level.

“I am blessed with a healing hand transferred from my ancestors of course. However being at The Station and working alongside my mentor, Jenny Gilbert, has enabled me to really embrace this gift. I have been enlightened by the incredible methods of using the pendulum and the Virtues Therapy developed and taught by Mrs Gilbert. Using a pendulum enables me to more accurately measure vibrational selection of homeopathic prescription and I have seen the incredible results in the treatment outcomes. While I hope to be in Seychelles for some time, it is my greatest wish to share the lessons I have learnt here at The Station with other homeopaths – new and experienced – back in my country.”

Dr Shah explained that a lot of the patients visiting the centre suffer from anxiety, depression issues, infertility, sexual problems, relationship problems, addiction, skin ailments, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes and the list goes on.

Dr Shah went on to detail how using Virtues Therapy together with homeopathy allows us to very beautifully respond to the root cause of the state of disease. This method informs us at which level the patient is stuck and enables us to start the process of mental, emotional or physical detoxification.

She went on to recount several success stories of patients with severe deteriorated conditions who have been successfully treated with Virtues Homeopathy. This included many cases were surgery was successfully avoided.

Which is why Dr Shah feels strongly that the services offered by Resonate Wellness should be more widely known among the Seychellois public.

“It is clear that people who are sick often would prefer to choose a drug-free life but they need to know that this option exists,” Dr Shah said.

For her part Mrs Gilbert highlighted that homeopathy is currently the second largest modality of healing in the world. From her experience with homeopathy over a 43-year love affair with this wonderful healing art, Mrs Gilbert has seen it become more readily accepted as people start to take responsibility for their health. She pointed out that the moment an individual becomes aware of this responsibility, they generally are ready to receive help from Resonate Wellness.

“A doctor can tell you anything regarding your health condition and you may follow his or her advice for years often without cure. This needs to change. Our Vital Healing Force is our greatest ally in the fight against disease. We simply need to learn how to engage with it. We teach this at The Station.”

She revealed that there are at present over 6000 patients on record at Resonate Wellness not including those people who come to the shop to buy remedies and other support products. The Lily Moon ‘factory shop’ offers a wide range of these products including the Nourished by Nature and Evaken Virtues Intentional and Abundantly Seychelles island range, not to mention the La Femme facial products as well as the Sensicare ‘miracle balm’ (Irritated Skin Balm) that has soothed and calmed itchy, irritated skin for nearly 30 years.

The Station also provides the calm atmosphere of a relaxing lounge and a healthy food restaurant with a superb and breathtaking view of Eden Island and its marina from high up at Sans Soucis, an added boost for patients to find the calm and stress free environment to help with their healing process.

A six-room retreat hotel has also been added to The Station for those patients who feel like they need a weekend or a few days retreat away from their stressful life.  

As part of an initiate to raise awareness, Resonate Wellness is holding a 2 hour Pre-Festive Season Detox workshop on December 7 at The Station. If you are suffering from fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, panic, IBS, tummy problems, lowered immunity, chronic skin problems, allergies or any other ailment that is affecting the quality of your life this workshop, to be facilitated and led by Dr Shah, promises to provide an excellent start to getting you on the road to better health. According to Dr Shah, it is designed to help you understand the triggers and learn the tools to protect yourself from declining health. Importantly it aims to inform you of how to become your own best detox therapist at the same time helping you to let go of fear of disease and move towards joy. Bookings can be made on 4224203 or 4225709. Don’t delay as seating will be limited.


Marie-Anne Lepathy

Photos: Jude Morel




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