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Kyokushin karate |13 November 2019

Kyokushin karate

From left to right: Liban Borroto Segura, yondan Marie Lucy Sullivan, shihan Phillip Verghese, nidan Luciano Mavunga, shihan Phillip Moustache, sensei Luigi Adrienne, sempai Richel Rabera and shihan Francis Françoise

Luigi Adrienne, Luciano Mavunga, Richel Rabera promoted to black belt


Last Saturday, three members of the Kyokushin Ryu Karate School, namely Luigi Adrienne, Luciano Mavunga and Richel Rabera, underwent a gruelling black belt grading session which lasted for 4 hours 30 minutes at the Young Lions Dojo at Belonie.

At the end, all three were subsequently promoted by the continental director for Africa, Shihan Phillip Moustache 7th dan who conducted the grading with the help of local branch chief Shihan Phillip Verghese 5th dan as the grading officer.

Luigi Adrienne is now a 3rd dan (sandan), Luciano Mavunga 2nd dan (nidan) and Richel Rabera 1st dan (shodan).

Ten other students going for lower grades also took part in the grading which started at 2pm and ended at 6.30pm.

During the grading session, the karatekas were required to demonstrate all the basic and advanced techniques of Kyokushin Ryu Karate which include Ido Kihon (standing basics), Ido Geiko (moving basics), Renraku (combinations) and kata (forms). They were also required to perform numerous strength and endurance exercises as well as katas up to the grade they were attempting.

Kumite (fighting) was undoubtedly the hardest part of the test with the number of opponents varying according to the grade being attempted with the fights being conducted under Kyokushin’s full contact rules. Their opponents were all black belt holders including the three Shihans. For his 3rd dan grading, Luigi Adrienne had to fight against 40 opponents. Luciano Mavunga fought 30 opponents for his 2nd dan while Richel Rabera fought 22 opponents for her 1st dan. A large crowd of their colleagues, parents and friends who had turned up to witness the event cheered them on throughout all the fights. All the karatekas demonstrated a strong spirit throughout the event and were all still standing by the last fight.

At the end of the grading, Shihan Moustache promoted Luigi Adrienne to 3rd dan with the title of sensei. Luciano Mavunga was promoted to 2nd dan and Richel Rabera to 1st dan with the title of sempai.

Vince Ernesta, Emilio Richemond, Adrianna Richemond, Keanu Hoareau, Elijah Gedeon and Nicholas Florentine were promoted to 2nd Kyu brown belt. Dave Gerry and Kavish Gunatikale were promoted to 3rd Kyu green belt whereas Samuel Cedras was promoted to 4th Kyu green belt. Both Tina Hoareau and Jude Padayachy took part in the grading in preparation for their respective gradings later this year and early next year.

Students who were graded earlier this year were presented with their belts and black belt cards by Shihan Moustache on Tuesday. Marie Lucy Sullivan received her 4th dan (yondan) black belt while Liban Borroto Segura and Steven Lalande both received their 3rd dan black belt. Richel Rabera also received her 1st dan Belt. With her Yondan grade, Sensei Marie Lucy Sullivan is now Seychelles’ highest graded female Karateka.

Congratulations to all the newly promoted black belts.






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