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Seychelles to host ocean to health conference |11 November 2019

A two-day scientific conference to explore issues relating to the ocean and human health opens tomorrow at the Avani Resort and Spa at Barbarons.

It will bring together scientists, policy makers, regulators, industry partners and community members from Seychelles and several international organisations.

They will present scientific papers and discuss the status of the ocean ecosystem, marine biodiversity and threats faced by the ocean from climate change, pollution and fishing pressures.

Areas to be explored include the importance of the ocean to human health and wellbeing, health risks and disease patterns, among others. Moreover, the potential benefits of the Blue Economy to human health and wellbeing will be discussed alongside issues relating to policy and action.

The conference will also present the Seychelles Child Development Study, an international research collaboration of more than thirty years.

Over the two days, participants will be privy to an exhibition on various scientific work, technical services and commercial products.

The conference is being organised by the following organisations: Public Health Authority, Seychelles Fishing Authority, National Institute of Science, Technology, Blue Economy Department, University of Seychelles, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Seychelles Bureau of Standards, supported by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Some presentations of the conference include:

• Global trends and threats posed by climate change to the marine environment

• Importance of ocean biodiversity for human health

• SEYFISH: Nutritional value of Seychelles wild fish and its contribution to food and nutrition security

• Dietary intake and fish consumption in the Seychelles Child Development Study

• Good statistical practices in epidemiologic studies: Process in SCDS

• Blue Economy Research Towards Ocean Health

• Funding opportunities for research


Press release from the Ministry of Health



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