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National Assembly

Rwanda’s newly-accredited high commissioner calls on Speaker Mancienne |24 February 2024

Rwanda’s newly-accredited high commissioner calls on Speaker Mancienne

Speaker Mancienne handing over a gift to the High Commissioner of Rwanda to Seychelles Fatou Harerimana (Photo: Contributed)

The newly accredited High Commissioner of Rwanda to Seychelles, Fatou Harerimana recently paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of the National Assembly Roger Mancienne.

The speaker was accompanied by Deputy Speaker Gervais Henrie, Clerk of the National Assembly Tania Isaac, and Deputy Clerk Alexandria Faure.

During the meeting last Tuesday, Ms Harerimana thanked the speaker for the opportunity to meet with him and noted that despite being based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the relationship between Rwanda and Seychelles was one of great enthusiasm and support, which has the opportunity now for development and growth during her tenure.

A notable point of discussion was that of the differences between the parliamentary systems implemented between the Parliament of Rwanda and the National Assembly of Seychelles.

Despite many differences, Hon. Mancienne agreed that both parliaments have a vested interest in furthering the participation of women in the political sphere, as well as generally progressing their roles in society.

Ms Harerimana expressed an appreciation for the coordination of the extraordinary sitting and visit of Rwandan President Paul Kagame in 2023.

A major aim of her tenure is the implementation of the agreements signed jointly by Rwanda and Seychelles, with a focus in the development of industries such as agriculture, fisheries, education, and health.

Speaker Mancienne reiterated the position of Seychelles as a supporter of Rwanda, noting that the improved relations will allow both countries to continually learn from one another and progress notably.

Speaker Mancienne and High Commissioner Harerimana then exchanged tokens of appreciation and took a souvenir photograph before the end of the amicable meeting.





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