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National Assembly, UniSey formalise collaboration with MoU |24 February 2024

National Assembly, UniSey formalise collaboration with MoU

UniSey Vice-Chancellor Joëlle Perreau and National Assembly Clerk Tania Isaac exchange documents following the signing of the memorandum of understanding (Photo: UniSey)

The National Assembly and the University of Seychelles have signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance their collaboration.

Yesterday’s signing at the University of Seychelles (Unisey) Anse Royale comes after various discussions between the two institutions and continuous engagement.

The signing was by Vice Chancellor Joëlle Perreau on behalf of UniSey and Tania Isaac, Clerk of the National Assembly.

Both sides have welcomed the agreement which they said would strengthen their cooperation, engagement and support in teaching and learning, research and educational activities.

Mrs Isaac described it as a momentous occasion for the National Assembly, “the first of its kind between the legislature and a higher education institution in Seychelles.”

“This MoU is encapsulating cooperation in a diverse way; academic cooperation on research and teaching in parliament, promoting and exchanging information, undertaking joint forums and activities of mutual beneficial interests,” said Ms Isaac.

She added that it would also lead to some beneficial outcomes such as supporting parliamentarians in their work of scrutinising the government, legislating, debating important issues among others.

This was echoed by Vice Chancellor Perreau who said that after various collaborations the signing cements the partnership.

Ms Perreau said having an agreement with such an institution also means that the National Assembly recognises UniSey’s capability and standards. 

She expressed her deep appreciation, stressing both sides are bound to gain immensely; with UniSey’s students using the parliament as a source of research and support in studies such as law, while lecturers would also be able to extend their knowledge about the functions of the Seychelles parliament.

«For our lecturers, our staff involved in research, it is always good to have a close collaboration with an institution as important as the National Assembly because all our laws are approved by the assembly and the university would learn much more when working in close collaboration with the assembly,” said Ms Perreau.

It was the second MoU signed by UniSey this month following one recently with the Enterprise Seychelles Agency.


Compiled by Patsy Canaya

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