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Government urges land owners to sign wayleave for South and West coast road project |21 February 2024

Government urges land owners to sign wayleave for South and West coast road project

At the Maravi site, major works are underway to break big boulders alongside the existing main road for the planned road widening (Photo: Laura Pillay)

Minister for Transport Antony Derjacques has issued a call to land owners of the South and West coast of Mahe to sign wayleave agreements, for the speedy progression of the ambitious south and west coast road development project.

Minister Derjacques made the plea yesterday during a visit to the project sites to assess the progress made thus far. The meeting point was the Anse Royale fun park, on to Maravi, Takamaka, Baie Lazare and Anse Boileau.

The project comprises construction of some 17.5 kilometers of new road infrastructure, from Anse Boileau, through Baie Lazare, Takamaka and Anse Royale. Additionally, it also consists of pavements, lighting, bus stops, culverts and drainage systems, with the aim of improving the lives of residents within the regions.

So far, some 30 percent of the entire project has been completed, and the ministry has managed to secure 54 percent of the required wayleave agreements from around 570 land owners. He called on citizens to afford government support, noting that the project is of national importance. 

“It is time for us to widen these roads, enlarge the roads, to construct pavements and identify places where we can have cycling for our people, towards safety and efficiency on the road. The main challenge is that we have to skip some plots where we are yet to secure way-leave and this affects the work flow,” said Minister Derjacques.

“I am making a major demand to Seychellois to please help us. We have reached 54 percent and we need to reach 100 percent. We need you for pavements, for roads, for safety and all related to the roads. You need to give us approval and consent for this project to become a reality. Please support this road,” Minister Derjacques urged.

There are various reasons why some wayleave agreements are yet to be signed, Minister Derjacques added. He noted that while some land owners are overseas, others have made certain demands such as the construction of a privacy wall, while negotiations are underway with others who do not fully understand the contract.

Although the project comprises four phases, all of the phases are ongoing simultaneously, with Benoiton Construction awarded the contract for the first phase in Anse Royale, as well as the third and fourth phases from Anse Boileau to Anse à La Mouche.

The second phase, from Maravi to Baie Lazare has been entrusted to United Concrete Products Seychelles (UCPS). At the Maravi site, major works are underway to break big boulders alongside the existing main road, for the planned road widening. Important infrastructure including railings and lights will be installed along the stretch of road.

Ending the visit at the Anse Boileau site, Minister Derjacques expressed satisfaction with the progress made on the various sites, confidently expressing that the project will transform the south and west coast, in addition to having a profound impact on motorists, residents and even the businesses operating in the regions. 

The development has been funded by the Abu Dhabi government, through the Abu Dhabi Fund for development, and is expected to amount to around US $25 million. The contractors were awarded following a selective bidding process, and it is unlikely that the project will incur any additional costs.

The accompanying photos show Minister Derjacques and his team visiting the different sites.


Text and photos: Laura Pillay

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