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‘2024 is about continuously growing and evolving’ – Sirène Mathiot |04 January 2024

‘2024 is about continuously growing and evolving’ – Sirène Mathiot

For creative local make-up artist, Sirène Mathiot, 2023 was a successful year in his professional career. The young artist’s business, Maquillage par Sirène, got enough exposure, propelling it to another level.

The believer in sea nymph and mermaids embarked on this journey of self-discovery, creation and entrepreneurship four years ago, while still at the National Institute for Health and Social Studies. During the past years, the artist has strived to make a name for the small business, which also included changing the birth name from Stanio Mathiot to Sirène Mathiot.

“My biggest achievements in my make-up career was when I was asked by James Duprès to be one of the make-up artists for Miss Regatta 2023,” claimed the artist.

2023 also saw other professional involvements where Sirène did a collaboration with Soley Swim together with other business brands like FC photography, Flawless Glam and Vanilla Seychelles. In addition, the talented make-up artist did a collaboration on Instagram with well-known photographer, Stefano Colombo known as the Italian boy Seychelles, as well as worked alongside actress Stephanie Theresine who stars in the music video Queen B.

“I’ve had the chance to work with other make-up artists, sharing our knowledge and skills, as well as learning new skills and techniques that I am now including it in my make-up routine. For me, this was a dream come true as I have always loved pageants and fashion,” said Sirène, adding “It felt good to be recognised for my talent by big, well-known industries.”

The artist’s New Year’s resolution and goal for 2024 is to continuously grow and evolve as well as strive to be one of the best in the industry, meeting the clients' satisfactions and providing the best service.


Alana Esther

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