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Nouvobanq re-opens revamped kiosk at Seychelles International airport |18 December 2023

Nouvobanq re-opens revamped kiosk at Seychelles International airport

Mr Chang-Tave and Mr Edmond unveiling the revamped Nouvobanq facilities

The Nouvobanq has officially reopened its newly revamped agency for currency transaction at the Seychelles International Airport.

The revamped kiosk and ATM were unveiled by the chief executive of Nouvobanq, Christophe Edmond, and the acting chief executive of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and general manager for airport management, Colin Chang-Tave, in a short ceremony at the airport yesterday morning.

Present were staff of NouvoBanq and SCAA.

The agency, which facilitates the purchasing and selling of foreign currency at the airport, was closed down on November 27, 2023 for renovation and resumed operations on December 15, 2023.

The revamping was mainly to improve the look and feel of the kiosk and install a new ATM, to provide a more conducive environment for staff and customers.

It involved enhancing the internal space, replacing all furniture and necessary equipment such as lighting, and installing camera for security purposes.

The agency will be operational daily, on a 24-hour basis. It is being manned by five staff under the supervision of Arnold Ramos. Nouvobanq has been operating the kiosk at the airport for 15 years.

In his opening address, Mr Edmond said the newly revamped kiosk and ATM are part of the bank’s promises and objectives to ensure it delivers a high quality service and brings it closer to its customers.

He noted the revamping of the agency was in line with the bank’s continuous improvement and innovation strategy and will serve to attract more people and secure additional business.

“The refreshed kiosk and ATM also forms part of a series of initiatives to be delivered as part of the bank’s key objectives and I am so happy to see that we are making good progress. By doing so, we are honouring the bank’s commitment to improve its services to the wider community,” said Mr Edmond.

Speaking on behalf of SCAA, Florence Marengo, general manager commercial, said the company puts a lot of effort in customer experience and services that banks such as Nouvobanq provides to customers, especially arriving passengers, are of utmost importance.

“So today we want to emphasise that we move forward with more positive development, better service, better interactions with an emphasis of being open and available to our guests to have ample choices for money changers here at the airport. The demand for your service is there and will continue to grow with the airport as we also continue to grow. We look forward for the continued collaboration,” said Mrs Marengo.

On behalf of her colleagues, Anne-Marie Monthy, who has been with Nouvobanq for 18 years, thanked everyone who has ensured they get a conducive place for work.

She noted clients had been complaining about the state of the kiosk for some time and was positive they would now be happy.

The ceremony ended with entertainment by popular artist Joe Samy.


Text & photos by Patrick Joubert

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