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Individuals and businesses urged to notify insurance companies of losses due to December 7 events   |11 December 2023

Individuals and businesses urged to notify insurance companies of losses due to December 7 events   

Mr Quatre during the press conference

Insured persons or entities that have incurred damages to their persons and/or properties covered under their valid policies, are advised to notify their respective insurance companies and their intermediaries such as agents or brokers, of any claims arising out of these incidents, within the seven days stipulated.

Given the unprecedented nature of the two events namely the explosion at Petit Paris, and the natural disasters in the Northern region, insurance companies are collaborating to ensure that claim procedures are done as smoothly as possible.

This was announced in a press conference on Saturday, December 9, by the chairperson of the Insurers Association of Seychelles, Percy Quatre. He said they were expecting many insurance claims considering the extent of the two calamities and called on the public to understand that certain delays may be inevitable.

Mr Quatre advised those whose homes or businesses have not yet been visited, to take pictures of the evidence before doing a general clean up.

“We will need evidence to show the exact damages that incurred,” he stated. It was also a way of putting everything on record. “There are lots of businesses and all they have to do is contact their brokers, notify their respective insurers, and we will do the necessary procedures.”

Mr Quatre said that since the incident at Providence was still under investigation, they could not talk about everything. However, due to the dynamism of the situation, there will be future press conferences to update the public.

“The essential today is that the public at large that have sustained losses, make sure that their insurance company knows of their situation and we are ready to give support.”

When asked which local insurance was representing Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL), Mr Quatre stated it was not fair to answer the question at this stage and this would be taken in a follow-up interview.

“For now we want to solve the losses from the public at large because we have an obligation to our clients.”

As for whether or not CCCL’s insurance company will cover the expenses of the other losses suffered to the businesses, once again Mr Quatre stated the investigation is still ongoing and nothing has been established yet.

He also emphasised the need for a police report before a pay-out is issued from the insurance company, as would be the case for any insurance claim. The police report, the claim form and the pictures are subject to the perusal of the insurance company prior to the claim being processed.

“There will be things that are simple and there are things that are complex, especially if the claim is big,” he stated.

He emphasised the police report is a confirmation of the damage done and does not hinge on the actual investigation itself.

The Insurers Association said the claim for the December 7 incident at CCCL would more or less fall under the “fire claim” due to the debris as a result of the explosion.

In terms of a timeframe as to when individuals and business owners may expect an insurance pay-out, Mr Quatre stated it could be done within a reasonable time depending on whether the documentation was in order.

The Insurers Association has already held a meeting with its regulator, Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), to discuss on a strategy on how to work with the public.

In regards to people who live under Property Management Corporation, each individual will need to make their report directly to PMC, which will take it up with the insurance company.


Sunny Esparon


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