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FULL VIBES live in Seychelles   |30 November 2023

FULL VIBES live in Seychelles   

The poster advertising the concert

FULL VIBES, the Canada-based group made up of Seychellois, Canadians, Africans and musicians from the Caribbean, will be performing live in Seychelles tomorrow evening – 22 years after their last live show in the country.

The show at the NSC hall, Roche Caiman, will get under way at 9pm, with three special guest artists, namely Michelle Marengo, Travis and Cusman opening up for the ten-member band.

FULL VIBES has a rich repertoire with songs like ‘Seychelles Mon Reve’, ‘Etoile’, and ‘Desperado’ that were popular over two decades ago and are still played on local airwaves to this day. The band’s genres include reggae, soca and sega and fans will be reliving those tunes in the five-hour show.

The concert has been made possible through a collaboration between HYPEDXB, MV Lights and sounds, with the support of Cable and Wireless Seychelles and K-Radio. The show’s executive director, EZY D, said the show will be like an end of year gift to Seychellois as they have kept the tickets at a reasonable price despite the high cost of production. Tickets are R250 apiece.

“We want people to come down and enjoy themselves in peace and forget all their stress and worries for one night,” EZY D said. 

The FULL VIBES band broke up over a decade ago mainly due to individual family commitments and separate career paths and EZY D said luckily they managed to secure two of the original singers, namely Allen Camille and Howard Johnson aka King Shadrac for the reunion. He added that the band will be a mix of local musicians and three original band members from the last visit in 2001. He said that preparation for the show started in October 2023 and has been going well ever since.

“It was a very uphill battle to get the band together again. Many have tried to get them to reunite and to perform but no one has ever succeeded until now. Communication was hard and lengthy and it took almost one year to reach an agreement because the rest of the original members were either not interested or very hard to get hold of. To be honest, this is probably the last time Seychellois will get to hear FULL VIBES as a band live in the country again. So this concert will be history in the making,” said EZY D who noted that fans will not be disappointed.

The band was founded in March 1999 and the founding members were Allen Camille, George Camille, Rocky Camille, Maurice Camille, Chris Hogan and Howard Johnson aka King Shadrac. During the concert, Allen Camille, the lead singer, will also be releasing his new album.

Tickets for the show are on sale at various outlets on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, with a free delivery option also being offered. They will also be available at the gate tomorrow evening. Due to the venue’s limitations, only a set number of tickets are available and people are being urged to purchase theirs early to avoid disappointment.


Compiled by Patrick Joubert

Photos contributed


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