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National Assembly

National Assembly commemorates Deaf Week 2023 with first signed sitting |28 November 2023

National Assembly commemorates Deaf Week 2023 with first signed sitting

The National Assembly commemorated the beginning of Deaf Week in Seychelles, by coordinating the first ever signed sitting in our parliamentary history.

This occasion was brought to life with the expertise of the chairperson of the Seychelles Association for the Deaf, Anita Gardner.

The theme for Deaf Week this year, celebrated in Seychelles from Monday, November 27, to Sunday, December 3, is ‘A World Where Deaf People Everywhere Can Sign Anywhere!’.

The signed portion of the sitting took place during the first 15 minutes, where Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel on behalf of United Seychelles and Hon. Doyace Porice on behalf of Linyon Demokratik Seselwa, gave statements honouring Deaf Week and all individuals who are hearing-impaired in Seychelles.

The Speaker, Hon. Roger Mancienne, remarked that this occasion was not simply a one-time event, but a step in the right direction as the National Assembly continuously strives to find sustainable ways to make sittings more accessible to everyone in our society.

With the aid of the Seychelles Association for the Deaf, there is an invigorated hope that the National Assembly will expand its efforts in creating a fully accessible parliamentary environment.

Later this week, a group of hearing-impaired have been invited to visit the National Assembly precinct and receive a tour, as part of the ongoing Deaf Week observances.

Facilitating access to Parliamentary proceedings for a wide variety of persons with disabilities is of utmost importance to the National Assembly as it demonstrates a firm commitment to the principles of democratic representation and inclusion.

Accessibility is essential for sustained participatory governance; that is the ability for individuals of varied backgrounds to engage meaningfully and willfully in the legislative process.

Through the dedication of the Parliamentary Service, policies may be drafted, technological advancements may be implemented, and logistical arrangements may be orchestrated to create an inclusive and diverse environment.


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