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National Assembly

National Assembly  |24 November 2023

Six investment and business-related entities have their budgets approved


The Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry was before the National Assembly yesterday along with five business-related entities that fall under its purview, namely the Seychelles Investment Board, the Industrial Estate Authority, the Seychelles Licensing Authority, the Enterprise Seychelles Agency and the Seychelles Bureau of Standards.

Minister Devika Vidot led her delegation to justify their budget of R37.1 million for next year, which is an increase of around R20 million compared to last year’s revised budget. The sum was approved by 24 votes and one abstention. There were no votes against. It should be noted that the deputy speaker did not count some votes of the opposition members as some members were standing when voting.

The second entity before the House was the Seychelles Investment Board with a sum worth R10.3 million; an increase of R1 million compared to 2023. It was followed by the approval of the budget allocation for the Industrial Estate Authority for R57.4 million. The Seychelles Licensing Authority will be functioning with a  budget of R26.6 next year, which is an increase of over R7 million compared to the revised 2023 budget and the Enterprise Seychelles Agency will have a sum worth R11.6 million. The appropriation for the Seychelles Bureau of Standards, which is R28.5 million was approved without debate.

It should be noted that the votes on the appropriations for the five entities were taken only by the caucus of the ruling party, Linyon Demokratik Seselwa. Deputy Speaker Gervais Henrie read out a statement issued by the chief whip of the United Seychelles party, Sylvanne Lemiel, who had stated that their caucus will not take part in the budget discussion until the National Assembly addresses the Matter of Privilege raised earlier in the day by MNA Johan Loze, in relation to the alleged aggression by MNA François Adelaide against him yesterday morning. Mr Loze said there were two incidents which involved physical aggression and threats and had enquired about actions to be taken as well as the investigation to be conducted.

Deputy Speaker informed the House that by 5pm today, he would still not know what actions would be taken as well as the type of investigation being done as such a matter would take longer to address, and he advised the US members not to turn up today.


Patsy Canaya

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