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National Assembly

National Assembly  |23 November 2023

Three more entities have their appropriations approved


The Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs was the first before the National Assembly yesterday to justify its R151.5 million budget for 2024, which according to its minister, Rose-Marie Hoareau, was a R19 million increase from last year. The sum would cover wages and salaries and good and services which include various community programmes and projects in the 26 districts.

The sum was approved by 21 votes, while the five opposition members present abstained.

It should be noted that at one point in the debate, all the members of the United Seychelles party walked out, while the deputy Speaker, Gervais Henrie, who was leading the House, questioned the minister and her delegation about specific funds for his electoral district, Mont Buxton. They returned in time for the vote.

The second delegation before the National Assembly was the Agency for Social Protection which had to answer queries related to its budget as well as Benefits and Approved Programmes of ASP. The team was led by Minister Patricia Francourt, who leads ASP’s parent ministry, which is employment and social affairs. The sum allocated to the agency next year is R29.3 million. In her presentation, Minister Francourt reiterated the statutory benefits that have been revised and would be covered in the budget. ASP’s appropriation was approved by 25 votes while one MNA abstained and none voted against, whereas the Benefits and Approved Programmes of ASP was approved unanimously.

The third entity before parliament was the Judiciary led by its registrar, Juliana Esticot, who came to justify their appropriation worth R97.6 million. According to her this was an increase of R4 million compared to the revised 2023 budget, mainly due to wages and salaries, which is R1.7 million. Mrs Esticot explained that this was because of the adjustment in the inducement allowance in the scheme of service which was revised in 2020, as well as to cover the employment of housekeepers from the cleaners cooperatives, an increase in security service, maintenance of lifts, digitalisation plan and renovations among others. The Judiciary’s sum was approved unanimously.


Patsy Canaya

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