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National Assembly

National Assembly    |22 November 2023

Transport ministry and its budget-dependent entities get their sums approved


Yesterday’ sitting saw the Ministry of Transport and two of its budget-dependent entities, namely Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration and the Seychelles Land Transport Agency presenting and justifying their appropriations before the House led by deputy Speaker, Gervais Henrie.

The Ministry of Transport will be functioning with R246.07 million in 2024; a sum that will cover its two departments, namely that of Land Transport and the Department of Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine. Minister Anthony Derjacques said it was an increase compared to its revised 2023 budget of R148 million. The budget was approved with 18 members voting for, none against and seven abstaining.

The Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration also had its budget allocation worth R14.116 million approved by the House. The 18 members of the ruling party present gave their support while the six opposition members abstained.

The longest debate for the day was reserved for the Seychelles Land Transport Agency with a sum of R225.124 million. The members’ questions focused on the various ongoing road projects nationwide. And after nearly two hours of debate, the sum was approved unanimously.

Also yesterday, the elected member for Baie Lazare, François Adelaide, resumed duty following a two-day suspension ordered by Speaker Roger Mancienne. It followed an incident last week involving him and the Clerk of the National Assembly. Mr Adelaide was allowed to resume duty after publicly apologising to the House at the beginning of yesterday’s sitting.


Patsy Canaya

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