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National Assembly

National Assembly  |15 November 2023

Budget allocations for four more entities approved


Internal Affairs minister, Errol Fonseka, was in the National Assembly yesterday to justify his ministry’s 2024 proposed budget of R672.607 million. The National Assembly had to vote once for the internal ministry which included three entities namely the department of immigration and civil status, the Seychelles Prison Service, and the department of police.

The minister was accompanied by the principal secretary, Alain Volcère for the first allocation to be taken by the house, which was a sum of R47.401 millionfor the department of immigration and civil status, where they outlined the various projects and programmes that will be funded by the sum, other than the wages and salaries.                                                                                   

They were followed by the Seychelles Prison Service which has been allocated a sum of R107.336 millionfor next year. The minister explained this was a reduction of around R9.105 million compared to the revised 2023 budget. Commissioner of prison, Raymond St Ange, accompanied by his deputy, Sam Dodin, outlined their programmes which include the construction of new prison facilities, rehabilitation of inmates, prevention programmes and recruitment of foreign workforce, among others.

The budget allocation for the department of police for 2024 is R488.810, which according to Minister Fonseka is an increase of R46.891 from the revised 2023 budget. He was accompanied by Commissioner Ted Barbe and Assistant superintendent Joseph Bibi to clarify the wages and salaries as well as goods and services.

It should be noted that all three entities took over one and a half hours to present and justify their budgets, which was approved by the National Assembly by 29 votes, with 9 abstaining and zero against.

The Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency also presented their 2024 budget amounting to R89.223 million. According to Minister Fonseka this is an increase of R13.891 million from the revised 2023 budget. Present to explain the raison d’être of the sum were Talie Domingue, chief fire officer, and Jones Madeleine, deputy chief fire officer, who explained the sum will be used to cover training and purchasing of equipment among others. The proposed budget was approved unanimously.

The government entities before the assembly today are the department of employment, the department of social affairs, and public service bureau.


Patsy Canaya

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