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National Assembly

  Appropriation Bill, 2024 |02 November 2023

A budget of more than R10.6 billion proposed for 2024


A sum of ten billion, six hundred and forty million, six hundred and twenty-eight thousand nine hundred and sixty six (R10,640,628,966) rupees is being budgeted for the year 2024.

Finance, National Planning & Trade Minister Naadir Hassan is authorising the sum to be paid out of the Consolidated Fund for the services and expenditure of the republic for the year 2024. He will be in the National Assembly tomorrow to present the national budget for next year.

The Appropriation Bill, 2024 which seeks to provide for the payment of moneys out of the Consolidated Fund required by the Budget for the year 2024 was published on October 25, 2023.

The Ministry of Education will receive the highest appropriation, with a sum of R1,334,779. The second appropriation is Benefits and Approved Programme of the Agency for Social Protection, with a sum of R1,252,000, while the Health Care Agency is receiving a budget of R1,203,260.

The 2023 budget was R10,495,149,665, while that for 2022 was R10,091,651,146 and for the year 2021 it was R11,013,648,296.


Allocation of Authorised Expenditure                                                                                          R’000

Office of the President                                                                                                               74,002

Department of Legal Affairs                                                                                                        64,750

Department of Defence                                                                                                                369,020

Public Service Bureau                                                                                                                42,296

Department of Information Communication Technologies                                                            78,928

The Judiciary                                                                                                                             97,662

The Legislature                                                                                                                         54,899

Office of the Auditor General                                                                                                     21,846

Office of the Ombudsman                                                                                                             4,424

Office of the Public Service Appeals Board                                                                                     1,169

The Curatelle Office                                                                                                                      5,638

Constitutional Appointments Authority                                                                                          2,169

Electoral Commission                                                                                                                19,316

Ministry of Fisheries                                                                                                                  56,046

Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade                                                                           232,415

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism                                                                                          353,794

Ministry of Internal Affairs                                                                                                            672,607

Ministry of Education                                                                                                                  1,348,779

Ministry of Lands and Housing                                                                                                       406,756

Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs                                                                     151,506

Ministry of Health                                                                                                                       121,542

Ministry of Transport                                                                                                                   246,075

Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs                                                                                      100,304

Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment                                                                213,607

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Family                                                                                              46,807

Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry                                                                  37,182

Office of the Mayor of Victoria                                                                                                   3,928

Institute of Early Childhood Development                                                                                         41,432

Seychelles Licensing Authority                                                                                                       26,670

Fair Trading Commission                                                                                                               16,715

National Bureau of Statistics                                                                                                        20,370

Seychelles Revenue Commission                                                                                                  205,481

National Tender Board                                                                                                                 4,285

Tax and Customs Agent Board and Revenue Tribunal                                                                      3,261

Seychelles Investment Board                                                                                                        10,377

Public Enterprise Monitoring Commission                                                                                     10,715

Government Audit Committee                                                                                                      868

Financial Intelligence Unit                                                                                                            29,862

Seychelles Bureau of Standards                                                                                                    28,501

Seychelles Qualifications Authority                                                                                               8,176

Planning Authority                                                                                                                     19,624

Seychelles Energy Commission                                                                                                     20,792

Seychelles Human Rights Commission                                                                                           8,950

Seychelles Media Commission                                                                                                     2,753

Public Health Authority                                                                                                               83,409

Industrial Estates Authority                                                                                                          57,469

Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council                                                                                      1,421

Health Professional Council                                                                                                         1,418

Seychelles Medical and Dental Council                                                                                         1,253

Anti-Corruption Commission                                                                                                        75,719

Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration                                                                                   14,116

Seychelles Meteorological Authority                                                                                              17,484

Seychelles Intelligence Service                                                                                                       20,646

Information Commission                                                                                                             3,529

Seychelles Communication Regulatory Authority                                                                            11,046

Seychelles Law Commission                                                                                                         5,048

Seychelles Infrastructure Agency                                                                                                                 151,917

Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency                                                                                  89,223

Seychelles Land Transport Agency                                                                                               225,124

Enterprise Seychelles Agency                                                                                                      11,613

Agency for Social Protection                                                                                                        29,304

Landscape and Waste Management Agency                                                                                  287,775

Seychelles National Youth Council                                                                                               22,376

Health Care Agency                                                                                                                   1,203,260

National Council for Children                                                                                                       15,127

National Sports Council                                                                                                               117,414

Social Workers Council                                                                                                                 760

Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation                                                                                           104,846

Seychelles National Institute for Culture, Heritage                                                                         147,002

and the Arts

Home Care Agency                                                                                                                     322,441

Other Wages and Salaries                                                                                                           384,549

Other Goods and Services                                                                                                           29,418

Social Programmes of Central Government                                                                                   285,235

Subvention to Public Enterprises                                                                                                 48,958

Benefits and Approved Programmes of Agency for                                                                       1,252,000

Social Protection

Others                                                                                                                                      3,242

Net Lending                                                                                                                              128,569

Development Grants to Public Enterprises                                                                                   103,423

Contingency                                                                                                                                88,200

Tax Exemption                                                                                                                             10,000


GRAND TOTAL                                                                                                             10,640,628.966



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