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12th Indian Ocean Islands Games in 2027 |26 September 2023

Comoros unhappy with President Ramkalawan’s comment that they won’t be able to host the Games

  • Seychelles is simply ready to step-in and organise the Games, clarifies President Ramkalawan

In case the Comoros cannot, for whatever reason, host the 12th Indian Ocean Islands Games scheduled for 2027, Seychelles is simply ready to step in and organise the Games, President Wavel Ramkalawan has said.

The head of state made the comment yesterday to simply clarify a statement made on September 9 during a special appreciation and reward ceremony held at State House to thank members of Team Seychelles for their participation at the recently-held 11th Games held in Madagascar.

During the ceremony, President Ramkalawan said, based on facts and past experience, Seychelles will host the 12th Games in 2027.

After media outlets in the region repackaged what was said by President Ramkalawan, Ibrahim Mze Mohamed, president of the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of the Comoros, addressed a formal statement to the president of the Games International Committee (CIJ) Antonio Gopal, expressing the displeasure of the Comorian authorities following the statement which he has describedas “unfriendly and inaccurate on the Comoros’ inability to host the Games.”

In the statement dated September 24, 2023, Mr Mohamed said President Ramkalawan’s declaration “defeats the spirit of solidarity, mutual support, and fraternity which lightens up the heart and unites the people of the Indian Ocean.”

Mr Mohamed added that the Comoros remain confident on CIJ’s decision to award them the right to host the Games in 2027, adding that that there should be no negative influence on the cardinal values of the Olympics which are the prime guides the IOIG charter.

In his statement, President Ramkalawan noted that “the last time the Comoros were supposed to organisethe IOIG, they could not and another country had to take over, while in 2027, if they cannot, Seychelles is simply ready to step in and host the Games.”

President Ramkalawan however added that “we are relieved by the assurances given by the Regional Olympic and Sports Committee of the Comoros and we wish them the very best in their preparations”, concluding that “Seychelles will participate in what will be a great meeting of the youth of the Indian Ocean.”


Compiled by Roland Duval

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