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National Assembly

COGA hosts outreach activity with PSCE teachers |15 September 2023

COGA hosts outreach activity with PSCE teachers

The Committee on Government Assurances (COGA) organised a remarkable outreach activity at the National Assembly last Friday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of parliament.

The event aimed to educate and engage Personal, Social and Careers Education (PSCE) teachers on the role and function of the legislature, as well as the important function of COGA as a parliamentary committee.

The session began with an introduction by the chairperson, Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel.

Others present were the vice-chairperson Hon. Norbert Loizeau and committee members honorable Wallace Cosgrow, Rocky Uranie, Philipe Monthy and Desheila Bastienne, the committee secretary, Thelma Joseph and assistant committee secretaries, Ghislaine Thelermont and Linda Gerry.

Also in attendance were Speaker Roger Mancienne, the leader of the opposition Hon. Sebastien Pillay, the leader of government business Hon. Bernard Georges, and the clerk of the National Assembly, Tania Isaac.

Both the speaker and the leader of the opposition took the opportunity to address the teachers, expressing their gratitude for their commitment to educating the next generation and emphasising the vital role that parliament plays in the country’s democracy.

Their speeches shed light on the importance of engaging young minds in the legislative processes and inspiring them to become responsible and active citizens in shaping the nation’s future.

During the activity, two comprehensive presentations were made. The first focused on elucidating the role and function of the legislature, which provided teachers with a deeper understanding of parliament’s responsibilities including law-making, representation, and the scrutiny of the executive branch.

The second presentation centered on the function of COGA as a parliamentary committee in which participants gained insights into the process of monitoring and evaluating government policies and programmes, thus enhancing their understanding of accountability within the parliamentary system.

After the presentations, the participants had an interactive segment which allowed them to seek clarifications, share their insights, and address any pertinent concerns.

To conclude the activity the participants toured the chamber. Here, the teachers were able to experience the historic venue where important legislative decisions are made.

The 30th  anniversary outreach activity was considered a success as the participating PSCE teachers gained valuable insights into the role and function of Parliament.

By empowering educators, the event aimed to inspire them to pass on their knowledge to their students and contribute towards cultivating an informed and actively engaged citizenry.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the outreach activity.


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