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President Faure sends congratulatory message to Portugal’s Prime Minister |10 October 2019

President Danny Faure has sent a message of congratulations to Antonio Luis Santos da Costa upon his re-election as the Prime Minister of Portugal.

“Your re-election reaffirms your previous success in upholding economic growth, stability and equality for the people of Portugal,” conveyed President Faure.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, Seychelles and Portugal have shared a fruitful and amicable relations, and “it is my hope that we can further enhance this relationship during your renewed mandate as Prime Minister,” added President Faure.

The Socialist Party of Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa scored a comfortable victory in Sunday’s general election but failed to secure an absolute majority in parliament.

The result opens up the possibility of a renewal of Costa’s partnership with parties on the far left, which has allowed a Socialist minority government to rule for the past four years.

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