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Beau Vallon ‘Promenade’  project to start September |05 July 2023

Beau Vallon ‘Promenade’  project to start September

An artist’s impression of the Beau Vallon ‘Promenade’ project

  •           41 kiosks set for the site


The Beau Vallon ‘Promenade’ Project is set to begin in September 2023, soon after the Regatta, and is expected to last up to six months.

The construction work will be undertaken by private contractor Laxmanbhai & Co. Sey Limited. The Expression of Interest will soon be launched to attract potential applicants for the project.

This was announced at a press conference yesterday afternoon by the Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry, Devika Vidot and the chief executive of the Enterprise Seychelles Agency (Esa), Lisa Lautoy, at the Esa conference room, Camion Hall.

There will be a total of 41 kiosks, with 10 being food kiosks. Four will be large kiosks where the vendors will be able to prepare their food onsite, while six smaller kiosks will be designated to vendors that will do most of their cooking offsite and then sell onsite. The food vans will be selling the typical food sold in such vans such as burgers, chips and wraps.

There are also provisions being made for beverage kiosks for those who will be selling cocktails and mocktails.

There was a survey some months ago by Esa and the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB),where members of the public could express what types of food and drinks they would like to see once the project is completed.

“With the information that we have received, the kiosks have been designed to accommodate and contain what came out of the survey,” said CEO Lautoy.

She stated that vendors will be encouraged to diversify their food and drink, to appeal to visitors.

“We want to do something different so that when people and visitors come, it is something different from what they usually see in other places. It will encourage people to come a lot,” she added.

The project also makes provisions for excursion kiosks.

In addition, there will also be around 21 artisanal kiosks, which Minister Vidot stated is very important for the government.

This will provide smaller businesses with a spot to sell their products. The craft vendors have been onsite for quite some time and were even present while logistics work was underway to finalise the plan and prepare the terrain.

“They were on site with their tents bringing them in the morning and leaving in the evening. We are happy that we will be able to make provisions for a permanent kiosk for them where they will be able to bring whatever it is they need for the day and they will be able to lock up their kiosk and leave at night.”

The project also makes provision for toilet facilities, security service, first aid and lifeguard kiosk.

“This is what mainly concerns us, where the kiosks will be, where there will be lights and where there will be heavy security,” said Minister Vidot, adding they also wanted to ensure the public activities are conducted in an orderly manner.

The actual site for the project is where the Regatta usually takes places and people will be able to see the kiosks when walking along the ‘Promenade’.

The area behind where Regatta usually takes place will remain empty. The Roundtable organisation is in conversation with the government to manage the area.

The project is set to see that the site where the kiosks will be planted will be a presentable and well run establishments of high standard. Various activities will be taking place in order to attract tourists.

CEO Lautoy explained that the place is targeting families, and will be a place for people to unwind and experience some fun.

“We want them to buy some food and some drinks and spend some time relaxing,” she noted.

Meanwhile the food vendors, present on site and who entered into an agreement with Esa last year to maintain their presence until the project starts, are already in discussions for their imminent move.

It was also pointed out during the press conference that the sustainability and environmental aspect of the project is being given due consideration, with the construction company Laxmanbhai paying special attention to the materials being used.


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