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National Assembly

National Assembly in favour of decentralised billing centres |03 October 2019

The National Assembly resumed its afternoon sitting yesterday by observing a moment in silence in honour of all who have lost their lives to cancer and all who have somehow been affected by the terrible disease.

The gesture was upon the request of Honourable Chantal Ghislain who also announced that the seven female members of the assembly will be organising a series of activities in solidarity with victims of cancer.

The assembly then proceeded to hear Honourable Egbert Aglae’s motion. The member for Port Glaud proposed that the government, in partnership with the private sector, establish billing centres regionally, to decentralise payments, and offer more convenient services for the public who are forced to pay their bills, primarily in Victoria.

During his intervention, Honourable Aglae noted that digital technologies offer users convenience and accessibility and that the process to decentralise public goods and services should improve.

He acknowledged that it will take time to implement such structures and proposed that payment centres, where clients can issue payments for utilities and telecommunications, will be beneficial not only to customers, but also service providers.

Honourable Aglae proposed that payments for the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), some payments to the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA) and traffic offences can also be incorporated into the billing centre.

Honourable Waven William, the member for Grand Anse Mahé seconded the motion and urged the executive to decentralise services.

There was general support for the motion with Honourable Chantal Ghislain, Honourable Jean-François Ferrari, Honourable Simon Gill and Honourable Flory Larue announcing their support.

Honourable Larue emphasised the need for more decentralised services as well.

Before taking a vote on the motion, deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmed Afif proposed that all service providers can collaborate and design a smartphone application enabling them to pay all their bills.

In concluding his motion, Honourable Aglae noted that congestion in payment centres is frustrating for clients.

He proposed that such centres will also serve as information centres and urged all businesses and service providers to find more innovative ways to save costs for their clients.

The motion was approved by a unanimous vote of 22.

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