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National Assembly

Assembly approves motion for construction of public toilets and designated entertainment areas on popular beaches |03 October 2019

The National Assembly yesterday heard a motion by Honourable Waven William, the member for Grand Anse Mahé, calling for public toilets to be erected in public places for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.

He also proposed that designated areas on beaches are allocated for Seychellois to enjoy freely within the confinements of the law.

He noted that all beaches and well frequented public spaces should have toilets on account that beaches are frequently visited by tourists and locals alike and proposed that a scheme could be introduced by the ministry of environment to implement such projects.

Honourable William noted that the existing public toilets in town are not operational and went further to state that spaces on popular beaches should be demarcated to allow for some activities such as picnics and where beach users can access electricity, bins as well as other basic necessities.

Honourable Egbert Aglae, the member for Port Glaud, seconded the motion and during his intervention proposed that there are opportunities for collaboration between different ministries and departments such as the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine.

Mr Aglae also proposed that the private sector could also be involved in the management and daily running of the facilities and asserted that such facilities should be available on a regional-basis at least in hotspots.

In regards to the second part of the motion to establish enjoyment spots for different activities especially on beaches, Honourable Aglae noted that the government has in the draft land use plan started to demarcate spaces for entertainment purposes, noting that he is “very optimistic” about the process.

Honourable John Hoareau echoed similar sentiments making note of the lack of such facilities at Beau Vallon, one of the most popular beaches on Mahé, stating that the residents are expecting the government, who purchased the Golden Mile where Bazar Labrin is held weekly, to erect such indispensable facilities.

“The area where Bazar Labrin is held hosts a lot of activities including the sale of food and refreshments and for the time being, there is no space where the stall owners can access running water. They are forced to bring with them large tanks of water or stored water and this in itself is neither good nor safe,” Honourable Hoareau noted.

Honourable Hoareau noted that offering such services is not profitable for the private sector and that certain modalities be considered when implementing the project.

Honourable Gervais Henrie moved for the assembly to vote and 25 members voted in favour of the motion. No votes were recorded against the motion.

In concluding the motion, Honourable William noted that other basic amenities are also necessary as pointed out by other MNAs, including bins and running water. He proposed that all stakeholders collaborate and start working towards implementing the projects.

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