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Seychelles delegation visits hospitals in Bangalore |02 October 2019

Seychelles delegation visits hospitals in Bangalore

The Seychelles delegation

New avenues of cooperation in health explored


The Seychelles delegation to India led by Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam has been exploring further opportunities for medical cooperation with Indian hospitals in the city of Bangalore.

The minister and his delegation visited NU Hospital, Fortis Hospital and NH Hospital last Thursday with a view to further discuss opportunities for capacity building as well as to solicit potential engagement on the investment in a specialty hospital.

NU Hospital has already established a specialty hospital in the Maldives and has shared its experiences in relation to that project.

Fortis Hospital is already an established international brand and is part of the IHH/ Parkway Panthai Group.

The delegation also visited the renowned cardiac facilities of NH Hospital including a state-of-the-art facility for paediatric cardiac surgery.

All of the hospitals in Bangalore engaged to facilitate exchanges and fellowship opportunities for Seychellois medical personnel.

These hospitals have also expressed their interest in partnering with Seychelles for the development of a specialty hospital.

With the support of the government of India, a feasibility study was done into the establishment of such a facility on the basis of a public private partnership.

The feasibility study has shown the viability of the project to cater to the needs of Seychellois as well as to develop medical tourism.

A call for proposals will be issued in the coming months to identify strategic partners for this investment.

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