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District meetings |24 May 2023

District meetings

‘Dan Tol’ site to be cleared today from drug activities


President Wavel Ramkalawan has ordered for the ‘Dan Tol’ site at Plaisance/Les Mamelles to be cleared from drug activities today.

He gave the orders to the police during the public meeting at Les Mamelles community centre yesterday afternoon, following a plea from residents who live close by and are tired of the anti-social activities in the area.

President Ramkalawan said since the situation there is getting out of hand, it is high time that those people involved in drugs are removed from the area.

President Ramkalawan added that government will also discuss with the Property Management Corporation (PMC) to remove from its flats people who sell drugs.

He further added that government has plans, in collaboration with owners of the property, to build a housing estate in the area.

On the question of shoplifting in general across the country, which is getting alarming, he said the police have taken up the matter and are doing their utmost to address the situation.          

Regarding the possibility for government to revise the school zoning system given that some schools like Plaisance primary school (PLS) are crowded, Education Minister, Dr Justin Valentin, said the issue is being discussed given that the zoning system is not relevant at the moment. To relieve pressure on the Plaisance primary school, Minister Valentin is encouraging parents living around Plaisance to send their children to La Misère primary school given that it can take more children and is also doing well academically.

Speaking on the revision of the primary school curriculum, Minister Valentin said the subject is also being discussed. He noted that while acknowledging that not all children will make the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and other exams, especially in English and mathematics, the ministry will make the national curriculum more relevant to benefit those who lag behind.

Responding to a question about the possibility of selling the emergency houses at Brilliant, Cascade, to the eight occupants, President Ramkalawan said these houses will be demolished to make way for a housing estate that will cater for more people.

There was also a complaint about some people asking for money from motorists, especially foreigners, after having shown them a free park space at the Place de la République (Stad Popiler) parking lots. President Ramkalawan said this kind of activity exists in some countries like in South Africa and he sees nothing wrong with it, but however if it becomes a nuisance the authorities will have to take action against.

On the election of district administrators, the president said it is not necessary as to qualify one has to send in an application and follow the interview process like for any other job to which anybody can apply. With regard to increase in salary for the private sector, he said the increase in salaries for government employees and those of the private sector differs as they are two separate systems.

Talking on the country’s oil exploration, he stated that the exploration which is costing us nothing, is only to learn on the resources present before the decision for exploitation.

Regarding a fund for former athletes, especially those residing in Les Mamelles district and have represented the country, President Ramkalawan said no such fund exists to help athletes but, however, whenever they come forward government tries to help them.

Minster for Youth, Sports and Family, Marie-Celine Zialor, later during the meeting explained that the ministry has a scheme to help with training of Seychellois athletes and to reward those who have done well in specific international competitions.

Before answering questions, President Ramkalawan said the meetings held so far have been very interesting as they have shown that simple things affecting residents should have been dealt with a long time ago.

He noted that given government’s emphasis is on performance-based rewards, he agrees with the idea of a Grand Anse Mahé resident to introduce a form for citizens to assess the services of government and other agencies.

President Ramkalawan also took the opportunity to congratulate the Arsu volleyball club for being ranked ninth in Africa and first in the Indian Ocean following their involvement in the Confederation of African Volleyball (CAVB) Women’s African Volleyball Club championship in Tunisia. Arsu are to return to the country today. He added that taking into account such a result, he has no doubt that the country’s women’s team will bring home the Indian Ocean Islands games (IOIG) volleyball gold medal.

Finally, President Ramkalawan told the Les Mamelles residents that the fact that stevedores come from Les Mamelles and given the problems they encounter in their work, a committee is being set up to assess their work and working conditions with the different shipping companies.

President Ramkalawan continues with his series of meetings today at 5pm at the Domaine Val des Près in the Au Cap district.


Patrick Joubert

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