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District meetings |17 May 2023

District meetings

Yesterday’s meeting in the English River district in full swing

President meets English River residents


President Wavel Ramkalawan has reassured the English River residents who raised concerns and made suggestions at yesterday’s public meeting in their district, that all the points will be given due consideration.

He made the statement at the end of a three-hour meeting at the district’s La Promenade Gynnasium where various issues impacting the districts as well as personal concerns, were raised.

The head of state started the second meeting scheduled this week by expressing how saddened he was by an incident earlier in the day where the police reported the death of a three-year-old girl, and the subsequent arrest of a man as part of an investigation that was under way.

“Such news brings such sadness and I hope that one day these types of crimes will be a thing of the past for our country,” he said.

Yesterday the head of state also announced a public enquiry into the disappearance of two young soldiers of the Seychelles Defence Forces, dating back to October 2018. He was answering a question put forth by the mother of one of the soldiers, who was enquiring about the progress of an investigation into the disappearance of her son. This relates to the disappearance of Private Rodney Payet and Private Alberto Antat, while stationed on Assumption Island in October 2018. It is alleged the two went out fishing and never returned.

Yesterday President Ramkalawan said he has signed all necessary documents for a public enquiry, led by a magistrate, and soon a group of people, including several soldiers and family members, will be called in to give evidence.

Several questions raised yesterday referred to housing issues including housing loans disbursed by the Housing Finance Company, with some inhabitants questioning the interests paid on those loans and the repayment period which they felt were taking too long, while others were unhappy with the length of time they have been waiting for government housing.

The issue of red tape as well as the inefficiency of various entities to address issues pertaining to land, agriculture, licensing, business, were also raised.

Another pertinent issue was road safety in various areas of the district, with members calling for installation of crash barriers or road improvement in some areas, as well as road access to their homes, which the president said could only be sorted out once permission for way leave was granted.

Another point raised was drug abuse and delinquency with residents calling for more actions to fight the scourge in the district.

It should be noted that the majority of issues brought forth were personal and the residents were referred to the specific ministers. President Ramkalawan was accompanied by his cabinet of ministers and other technicians.

Today he will be in Mont Buxton.


Patsy Canaya

Photos by Joena Meme

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