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New batch of Chinese doctors in the country to help boost the health system |13 May 2023

New batch of Chinese doctors in the country to help boost the health system

The new group of Chinese doctors upon arrival at the Seychelles International Airport yesterday

A new group of six Chinese doctors (five males /one female) arrived in the country yesterday afternoon to work for the Ministry of Health for a period of two years.

The group, the 19th cohort, were met on arrival by the chargé d'affaire of the Chinese embassy in Seychelles, Mu Jianfeng and officers from the embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism and from the Ministry of Health.

Dubbed the China medical team, the group are replacing a batch of six other doctors who left the country last month after serving at the Seychelles Hospital for two years.

The six doctors of the latest cohort come from three different hospitals in China and they are experts in the field of cardio, orthopedic, radiology including Chinese traditional medicines. They will be assisting and treating patients at the Seychelles Hospital and at the North East Point Hospital. 

The head of the China medical team, Dr Zhuo Xiaoqing, a cardiologist, said it is an honour for them to have the chance to come in our country to work for the Ministry of Health to serve our people.

“We are very excited to come here and I think during our two-year mission, under the leadership of the embassy, we will do our best to serve the people of Seychelles,” he said.

Mr Jianfeng said given that the six doctors are experts in their field, he has no doubt that they will do their best to dedicate their professionalism and expertise to care for the people.

“I think they will play a very important role in the treatment of their patients,” said chargé d'affaire Jianfeng, who noted that the arrival of the doctors is part of the China /Seychelles good relations.

Seychelles and China established diplomatic relations in 1976 and as one of the most prominent China-Aid projects, the Chinese medical team was first dispatched in 1985. Over the past 38 years, 18 batches of 108 Chinese doctors from various hospitals in China have been serving Seychellois with their medical expertise.

The other doctors are: Dr Song Fei (general surgeon), Dr Sun Shining (radiologist), Dr Wang Tianda (acupuncturist), Dr Ahu Yanyan (radiologist) and Dr Zhang Jiuchao (orthopedist)


Text & photo by Patrick Joubert


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