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Weightlifting: Annual general meeting |09 May 2023

Weightlifting: Annual general meeting

The newly elected Seychelles Weightlifting Association (Photo: Roland Duval)

Robert Rose re-elected at the helm of Seychelles’ weightlifting

After spending 24 years as the head of Seychelles’ weightlifting, former bodybuilder Robert Rose has been given an additional four years in the hot seat, following his re-election on Saturday, during the annual general meeting of Seychelles Weightlifting Association.

Prior to his appointment as weightlifting head in 1999, Mr Rose spent six years as the chairman of local bodybuilding governing body, while in weightlifting, other than being in charge of the local federation, he served on international committees at African and Commonwealth levels.

Initially scheduled as an extraordinary general meeting (EGM), the gathering then changed to become the continuation of the association’s annual general meeting (AGM) which was adjourned last month, with members failing to elect a new executive committee.

The meeting was being overseen by representatives of the National Sports Council (NSC) Dominic Pillay and Ruudy Joseph.

It was member Michel Delorie, referring to the Seychelles Weightlifting Association (SWA) constitution who pointed out that it was unconstitutional to carry out an election during any EGM.

Mr Delorie pointed out that according to Rule 7 (b) 1 of the constitution,  an EGM shall deal with any matter, other than matters specifically reserved by the constitution to be dealt with at an AGM.

This, he said, include the election of members of the executive committee.

After a lengthy debate about the subject, members unanimously voted to transform the scheduled EGM into an AGM.

Out of 38 registered members, only 27 were present for Saturday’s meeting held at the Olympic House at Roche Caïman.

In the election for the post of chairman, Mr Rose had an easy ride against his only other opponent, namely female lifter Clementina Agricole, easily winning by 24 votes to three, earning him a new four-year mandate as the head of local weightlifting.

For the post vice-chairman which also includes the task of treasurer, outgoing vice-chairman Terrence Dixie was up against Agricole, with the former being re-elected, winning 22-4, while one ballot was void.

Outgoing secretary general Barbara Hoareau was also re-elected into the post, beating Agricole who contested in all the elections on Saturday. Miss Hoareau won by 22 votes to four, with one ballot certified as void.

Eight members contested for the four spots as ordinary members of the executive committee.

Outgoing members Reginald Estro (19 votes), Macdonald Henriette (18 votes), William Dixie ( 18 votes) managed to retain their seats, while newcomer Antonio Bamboche (11 votes) secured a place, replacing Rene Youpa who did not take part in the election.

The other members who contested the election were Frank Accouche (10 votes), Peter Havelock (seven votes), Agricole and Janet Georges (six votes each).


Roland Duval


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