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President Wavel Ramkalawan’s Labour Day message |02 May 2023

‘Our successes must not distract us from what we have yet to achieve’


“As our Nation commemorates Labour Day this year, I salute every hardworking person in Seychelles for your role and contributions towards our national development and progress.

“As our country’s resources continue to recover, it is essential that we increase national production through the promotion of entrepreneurship and diversification of the economy. The contribution of entrepreneurs who invest their capital and workers who give their labour and skills are equally important for continued economic growth and prosperity.

“The government is committed to facilitating the creation of gainful employment for all who respect labour rights, promote safe workplaces and social protection, encourage the participation of workers in policy decisions affecting their lives and strive to end all forms of discrimination.

“Our achievements thus far must not distract us from what we have yet to achieve. We must accelerate our efforts against unemployment while encouraging everyone to see work as the only route to achieving one’s dreams. Embarking on this way of life will help in nation building assuring a good future for everyone.

“There is a need for our service to become more flexible in order to keep pace with the diverse and shifting demands of society. Outdated ways of thinking and old-fashioned processes have to give way permanently to modern and efficient systems that better serve the public.

“All workers should be compensated fairly, trained continually and provided with safe and healthy working conditions. Above all, they must be guided by competent and accountable leaders who encourage innovation and champion the vision of others. Those who head our various organisations and departments must lead by example, setting the tone for commitment, integrity and productivity.

“Finally, I would like to express my good wishes that this Labour Day will inspire everyone towards creating a dignified work environment where high productivity is embraced by all.

“Happy Labour Day!”


Wavel Ramkalawan

President of the Republic of Seychelles

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