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Assembly’s defence and security committee visits the SCAA |27 April 2023

Assembly’s defence and security committee visits the SCAA

The Defence and Security Committee (DSC) of the National Assembly recently visited the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) and other airport services that are supported under its authority.

The committee was led by chairperson Clifford Andre. He was accompanied by vice-chairperson François Adelaide, Hon. Michel Roucou, Hon. Audrey Vidot, committee secretary Gillian Samson, and assistant secretary Savrina Pirame.

Also present for the visit was the chairperson of SCAA, Marlon Orr, and the management team of SCAA.

The committee observed the ongoing operations of the police officers, immigration division, Travizory section as well as the ANB, cargo terminal and fire services station on a busy day at the time of arrival and departure flights.

After meeting with the various divisions, the committee collected considerable information on the functions and operations of each department.

Overall, structural space constraints, limited manpower and lapses in the purchase and use of modern technology were found to be the main concerns.

The committee plans to meet with SCAA and the partners again in future to discuss a variety of solutions that can be taken to remedy the conditions and improve daily operations.

The accompanying photos show members of the DSC with staff of the various sections they visited at the airport.


Press release from the National Assembly secretariat





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