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Health minister’s message for World Health Day 2023 |12 April 2023

Health minister’s message for World Health Day 2023

‘Let us build a stronger, better primary health care system and make it work’


“The theme for World Health Day 2023, celebrated on April 7, calls upon each one of us to contribute to the strengthening of primary health care in order to make our health system, as a whole, more resilient.

“As we gradually emerge from three long years of the debilitating Covid-19 pandemic, which has left indisputable after effects on the physical and mental health of our communities, we are compelled to cast a closer look at the health of our nation and the health system designed to

promote, protect and restore health.

“At the centre of that health system are the health workers whom we also celebrate on April 7. Our thoughts and prayers again go to them.

“At this time of reflection and renewal, let us come together and agree on a plan to render our country better prepared next time a pandemic comes around and indeed better prepared all the time. Covid-19 has demonstrated how a modern world driven by the finest technology and a

health personnel driven by the highest ethics and respect for the dignity of the human spirit can work in tandem to bring people together, bring services closer to people, save lives, improve health and wellbeing and expedite economic progress.

“Economic development cannot happen without health and wellbeing. That is now well established. Health and well-being, therefore, remain at the centre of Seychelles' national development strategy and the government continues to invest heavily in health and in the other social sectors linked to health. The interlinkages between these sectors is clear, in theory and in reality.

“As good health starts at home, in the family, in the community, this is where the focus of health promotion and prevention must return. Today, I am calling on not just the health sector but also the whole nation, to reset primary health care and, with a truly concerted determination, focus resolutely on successfully addressing the societal and health challenges now facing us. We must work harder to address the plethora of risk factors that are responsible for the non-communicable diseases, including mental illnesses. Addiction from drugs and alcohol are wreaking havoc on our society and they threaten our future. Let us come together as a nation to agree on what we need to do and to reverse the tide.

“After all is said, we clearly need a stronger, better primary health care approach and system to address Seychelles health challenges of today and tomorrow. Let us build that proactive and outreaching primary health care system together and let us really make it work for all of us.

“Today I would also like to honour the health care workers on the occasion of Health Workers’ Day. My sincere gratitude to you all for all your hard work and devotion. I call on health workers to give the best of yourselves always. Through your dedication and commitment, we can make health for all Seychellois a reality.”


Peggy Vidot

Minister for Health

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